Saturday Snapshots 36-38

Wow. The first Saturday Snapshot in three weeks! I have to admit that this photo series is dying a long, slow death. I’ve vowed to keep it going until the end of my time in Paris but after that it will be kaput. (And clearly I should never have vowed to put up a picture every Saturday considering I’m always busy on Saturdays.)

Anyway. Life has been really good recently, though my friends are dropping like flies- everyone’s leaving Paris! I’m trying to make the most of my time here considering I have less than a month left. All I can say is that this city will be very, very hard to leave…

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Saturday Snapshots 34 & 35

Hey! Four photos in two weeks? Well… yeah. The weather’s been so good here that I’ve been less focused on photography and blogging and more focused on friends, sunshine and lots of other wonderful things.

The first three photos made me laugh though, because they truly do represent the trifecta of my France experience: partying in Paris, classic French grandmother food, and random-awesome-event-I-somehow-got-into.

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Saturday Snapshot 32 & 33

So the past few weeks in France have been great, as you may have discerned from posts such as this one. As cliché as it may be, the spring in Paris is just as great as they say.

Hopefully in the future you guys will be seeing better photography from me as I just upgraded my photo editing software from Picasa to Adobe Lightroom! Though I’m currently just using the free one-month trial (which you can access here) I’m so in love with Lightroom that I will be purchasing it soon.

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Saturday Snapshot 31

Hey, everyone! So to sum up the last week, I would say it was amazing with a side of stressful. I’m probably feeling the happiest I have ever been in Paris (which may have a strong correlation with the balmy weather.) Needless to say, Paris spring so far has been blissful.

Here’s a few shots of what I’ve been up to this week:

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Parks, Picnics and Pompidou: Saturday Snapshots 27 & 28

So it’s time for the weekly (or as it has been recently, the bi-weekly) update!

Post-road trip life has been pretty great- namely because spring is FINALLY here in Paris. (And is debatably over after about three days… this heat is starting to feel like summer.) I’ve been extremely busy with blogger events, social outings and just life, I suppose. But in sadder news two of my closest friends here left a few days ago to move back to England so that has got me seriously bummed.

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To Spain and Back Again: Saturday Snapshots 25 & 26

Hey, everyone! So I’m finally back from my epic 10-day French/Spanish road trip… and I’m utterly exhausted.

It all started when my lovely mother and delightful little sister, Bee, came all the way to Paris to visit me! From there we made our way down the French Atlantic coast by car, all the way to Spanish Basque country. I’m already missing them but I’m so happy we had the chance to take the trip of a lifetime together.

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Saturday Snapshots 23 & 24

Hey everyone! So this week I have a legitimate reason for having a late photo of the week… my host family recently moved and thus I was wifi free for about eight days. Yes, it’s been painful but ultimately made me realize I need to stop wasting so much time on my MacBook… a lot more reading, cleaning and other productive activities happened during my wifi-break. But here’s a litte update about what’s been going on around here recently…

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Saturday Snapshot 22

Hey everyone! Please excuse me for the week-long blog hiatus- I have not yet mastered the art of blogging while traveling. In fact I didn’t even bring my laptop to London which is where I just spent several blissful and sunny days. (Yes, sunny, warm London weather in March. Can you believe it?)

While I journeyed to London briefly in 2010, this was my first time really exploring the city and I have to admit I kind of fell in love. And took hundreds of pictures, of course.

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Saturday Snapshot 20 and 21

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday. So this week’s Saturday Snapshot is actually from the last two weeks… I’ve been cozying up inside to avoid the grey, drizzly, Parisian weather and therefore have been lazy about taking pictures. On Monday I’ll be off to London to face more bad weather but hopefully enjoy more photo ops!

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