Parks, Picnics and Pompidou: Saturday Snapshots 27 & 28

So it’s time for the weekly (or as it has been recently, the bi-weekly) update!

Post-road trip life has been pretty great- namely because spring is FINALLY here in Paris. (And is debatably over after about three days… this heat is starting to feel like summer.) I’ve been extremely busy with blogger events, social outings and just life, I suppose. But in sadder news two of my closest friends here left a few days ago to move back to England so that has got me seriously bummed.

Photo A


I love the Canal Saint-Martin, so it was great spending my friends’ last full-day in Paris people-watching and pastry-eating there.

Photo B

Paris April7

I’m starting to get a little creepy with my candid photos… but I must say I like the result!

Photo C


The view of La  Defense from Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Photo D


A lazy Sunday spent lounging in the park. We packed a picnic that involved baguettes, pink champagne, goat cheese and goat cheese chips. Yum.

Photo E


I finally made it over to the foodie-heralded L’as du Falafel. It was really good (I loved that spicy sauce), but I will admit that the falafel on the rest of the Rue des Rosiers is exactly the same!

Photo F

Le Marais April

Enjoying all kinds of art around Pompidou.

Which picture is your favorite?

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5 thoughts on “Parks, Picnics and Pompidou: Saturday Snapshots 27 & 28”

  1. I’m so glad spring finally arrived in Central Europe too — it feels so good to see colors again!
    I loved the harissa at L’As du Fallafel as well! Next time I’m in Paris, I’m going to buy a whole jar of it :)

  2. I love the picture in the park. Who is the young man?
    Your picnic lunch sounds so perfect. And warm spring weather, what a plus!



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