Saturday Snapshots 29 & 30: Alsace Edition

Happy Saturday, everyone! So all of my photos this week come from my long weekend in Strasbourg, Colmar and Karlsruhe with the lovely Julika of Sateless Suitcase. This was actually not our first European get-together- we also met up last December in Cologne, Germany, to see the Christmas markets.

Overall it was kind of the best weekend ever (lots of good beer, friends and half-timbered houses), although it certainly did a number on me financially- and if I want to go to Asia I really need to start saving every Euro I can.

And in the name of spring cleaning I created a blog survey- I would love, love, love if I could get some feedback from you guys! I’m really new to this blogging thing and I just want to know what you think works, what doesn’t. Here’s the link if you interested!

Photo A

I loved seeing all of the bright, springtime flowers in Strasbourg…

Photo B

Alsace and Germany2

As well as enjoy some prime people-watching by the banks of the river.

Photo C


I’m not sure why but this scene felt quite European.

Photo D


Julika and I took a day-trip to the adorable Alsatian town of Colmar, where we tried to score the perfect Pinterest picture.

Photo E


And since we were already in Alsace, we decided to pop over to visit Alex from Ifs, Ands & Butts in Karlsruhe, Germany! This is the scrumptious southern German dish of Käsespätzle.

Have you ever been to the Alsace region or Karlsruhe?

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots 29 & 30: Alsace Edition”

  1. Great shots! I really adore the one with the bike! And shhh, don’t tell anyone about the embarrassing Pinterest photo hunt :)

  2. Liked the flowers and the lady and bike pictures always look interesting.
    Am I mixed up? Did you not go to the Fleckenstein Castle?

  3. I lived in Colmar for two years where I did my French courses. The town is small but so beautiful especially during the winter. Since I grew up in a hot country (I’m malaysian), my first winter in Alsace confirmed my dream of beautiful Europe :)

  4. I had Käsespätzle once and I loved it. I already have big plans of buying a spätzle maker when I settle down somewhere.

  5. Great photos! Last time we visited the region we stayed in Colmar. A wonderful place and great base for visiting the wineries! A great location for photos too!

  6. Love the pictures! Especially the first one. There’s something so lovely about the contrast between all black clothing (one European staple) and beautiful bright flowers (another European staple). Gorgeous.

    I tried to take the survey but the link doesn’t work. Send it to me and I will gladly take it!

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