Hey, everyone! So I'm finally back from my epic 10-day French/Spanish road trip… and I'm utterly exhausted.

It all started when my lovely mother and delightful little sister, Bee, came all the way to Paris to visit me! From there we made our way down the French Atlantic coast by car, all the way to Spanish Basque country. I'm already missing them but I'm so happy we had the chance to take the trip of a lifetime together.

So without further ado, what is your favorite photo from my trip? Vote in the comments!

Photo A
MomKristi Trip8

Though my mom has been to Europe a number of times, it was my little sis' first trip across the pond! I loved showing her all of my favorite things in Paris, from pastries to boutique shops.

Photo B

While attending to my sister's request to see the lock bridge (apparently the Kardashians' have a lock there, gag) we spotted a beautiful bride and her beau being photographed! It felt very special to come across such a sweet moment.

Photo C
MomKristi Trip12

My most spontaneous decision recently? To drive several hours out of the way to lay my eyes on the Chateau de Chambord, one of the Loire Valley's most beautiful (and certainly largest) chateaus. And what's a trip with your sister if you can't take self-indulgent, staged photos of one another?

Photo D
MomKristi Trip11

After our road trip stop, we made our way to La Rochelle and Ile de Re. On Ile de Re, France's most adorable island, we spotted lots of little harbors, ponies and wildflowers. Post soon!

Photo E

Is there anything more beautiful than San Sebastian harbor at sunset? Probably not. Returning to my beloved Spain (for my sixth time!) was nothing less than blissful.

Photo F

And finally, some colorful fishing boats in San Sebastian.

Which photo was your favorite?

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