How to Become an Au Pair in Spain: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to au pair in Spain

Wondering how to au pair in Spain? Look no further. This step-by-step guide walks you through the visa process, host family selection and packing tips. As senior year of college was winding down, I frantically began to send out resumes and try to figure out what on earth I was going to do with my … Read more

The Ultimate Paris Packing List

I don’t often publish guest posts, but this one was so charming and useful I just had to share it with you guys. Here Alex breaks down her Paris packing list for all those who want to look stylish in the City of Lights. Vas-y, Alex !  Swishing skirts, clicking heels, and chic Parisian ensembles may … Read more

The 5 Most Important Things Au Pair Agencies Look For

Ever wonder what au pair agencies look for? Here CatherineRose, an American who is currently teaching English in France, shares the five most important things au pair agencies look for. It can be difficult for non-US citizens to live in the States for an extended period of time. You might come over as an exchange student, but … Read more

How to Be an Awesome Au Pair Without Losing Your Mind

Today Emily, who is currently au pairing in Paris, is sharing how to be an awesome au pair without losing your sanity (easier said than done!). Taking care of young children is very hard and often frustrating work, but there are certainly tactics to make it easier. You unlock the front door with the kids … Read more

Working as a Private English Tutor in Paris: What’s It Like?

Today we’re hearing from Edna, one of my best friends who has been working around the world since 2008. We met back in 2012 when we were both living in Paris and have been friends ever since! Although Edna and I lived in Paris at the same time, we had fairly different jobs. Edna worked as a … Read more

A Day in the Life of an American Au Pair in Australia

Today we’re hearing from Phoebe, an American travel blogger (and fellow Midwesterner!) who au paired in Sydney, Australia last year. Hearing about her experience in Australia made me green with envy- it sounds pretty glamorous! Read on to hear about what a day in the life of an American au pair in Australia is really … Read more

True Au Pair Stories: I Married My Divorced Host Dad

Au Pair Married Host Dad

Today we we’re hearing from Agnieszka, a young Polish woman who fell in love with (and married!) her divorced host dad. Here, I ask her what it was like to be a young au pair who married her host dad. When did you realize you had a connection with your host dad? It depends on … Read more

Au Pair Horror Stories: Why I Left My Host Family in Venice

Venice au pair

Today we’re kicking off my new series Au Pair Horror Stories by hearing from Scottish au pair, Karina. Karina, 24, decided to leave her host family in Venice after only 2.5 months. Karina’s story is a reminder that it’s important to know your rights as an au pair. As Karina’s experience shows, some families will … Read more

The 6 Best Host Countries for Canadian Au Pairs

Today we’re hearing from Canadian au pair Sara about the 6 best host countries for Canadian au pairs. As an American, I found this seriously interesting as we have such different visas and regulations than Canadians- I so wish we were eligible for the U.K.’s Youth Mobility Scheme, for example! . . . . . … Read more