Saturday Snapshots 36-38

Wow. The first Saturday Snapshot in three weeks! I have to admit that this photo series is dying a long, slow death. I’ve vowed to keep it going until the end of my time in Paris but after that it will be kaput. (And clearly I should never have vowed to put up a picture every Saturday considering I’m always busy on Saturdays.)

Anyway. Life has been really good recently, though my friends are dropping like flies- everyone’s leaving Paris! I’m trying to make the most of my time here considering I have less than a month left. All I can say is that this city will be very, very hard to leave…

Photo A


One thing I will miss? Little cafes with cranky waiters and shit coffee. It’s all part of the Paris experience.

Photo B

Party Limognes June

In the last three weeks I found REALLY GOOD Mexican food at Candelaria. I got to brush up on my Spanish and sip an ice-cold Modelo on a hot day… what could be better?

Photo C


On my recent trip to my friend’s farm near Limoges I took 400+ pictures in four days so I thought I’d throw up my favorites in case you hadn’t read the post! This is a bridge in the beautiful town of Confolens.

Photo DIMG_6044

This is a picture of my friend Rachel in a top hat. She’s fabulous.

Photo EIMG_6057

There’s no point of an SLR if you don’t blur out a background every once in a while, right?

Photo FIMG_6231

My Australian friend Fi. I love portrait photography so I was very happy with this shot!

Which is your favorite picture from the last three weeks?

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  1. I loved the flowers too, but the one looking across the water with old stone bridge on the left – good choice. All these pics make me want to come to Paris, one of the few places I haven’t been to that I would love to go – thanks!

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