Saturday Snapshot 18

Hey, everyone! I hope you all have been doing great. I’ve been… well, I’ve had a tough week due to some problems with my job here. But it seems I have resolved everything so no more tears. And I’m sorry to be vague-blog but I really do think things are looking up!

So this week I barely took any photos- I think all of that Istanbul coverage (which you will see more of very soon!) wore me out photographically. Here are a few iPod-snapshots of what’s been going around in my adorable little town…

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Saturday Snapshots 16 & 17

Hello, lovelies! So as you may have noticed, I didn’t post a Saturday Snapshot last week because I was in ISTANBUL, a city that totally deserves all-caps. I have a strict no-computers-allowed rule-on-weekend-trips rule because if I can’t be away from my laptop for five days then I may truly have a problem. (Furiously scrolling through my Instagram feed on my iPod totally doesn’t count, right?)

So this week’s Saturday Snapshot are my favorite photos from the last two weeks… but naturally, they are all from my Istanbul trip– a very photogenic city may I just say!

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Saturday Snapshot 14

Hopper Exhibit

Hey everyone! So I’m officially back in France, and I have to say it’s been hard re-acclimating. I’m homesick and wish I had stayed in the U.S. a bit longer – I’m finding I really miss my family and my puppy.

That being said, there have been a few highlights so far, most especially seeing the Edward Hopper exhibit at the Grand Palais; we booked those tickets two months in advance and it was worth the wait! I couldn’t choose my favorite picture this week so which shot do you like best?

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Saturday Snapshot 13


So if you follow my blog you may notice I didn’t post a Saturday Snapshot last week… oops! I was stateside for the holidays and was too busy sipping soy chai lattes with my little sister and frantically Christmas shopping with my mom to do much blogging. But now that I am back in La Belle France I will have plenty of free time to blog – so please try not to get sick of me!

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Saturday Snapshot 12

Chausson aux Pommes

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! This Saturday Snapshot is actually on time, can you believe it?

So this week I endured a travel blogger’s most-feared nightmare; my computer crashed and the hard drive has been wiped clean. So my upcoming editorial calendar has been ravaged because I lost all the photos I had taken for them. While I had backed up a lot of my photos, almost all the pictures I’ve taken in France so far are gone, as well as almost all of my documents.

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Saturday Snapshot 10

Cologne Cathedral

This Saturday Snapshot is already a fail because today is CLEARLY not Saturday. But in my defense, my memory card mysteriously lost all of its photos so I had to wait for my friend to Dropbox me what he had. So be nice, I’m a mess over here.

This week (or rather, last week) found me in Cologne for four days having the time of my life. To sum up the weekend it went like this:

German beer + friends + snow + house music + clubbing ’til 6 am + potato latkes = a Teutonic, 22-year old version of heaven.

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