10 Excellent Books to Add to Your 2019 Reading List

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a good 2019 so far. Today I wanted to share my top reading recommendations for this year. 2018 wasn’t my best reading year (I had so much reading to do in grad school), but I still managed to finish around 25 books. Here are the ones I couldn’t put … Read more

8 Wonderful Books to Read in 2018

As much as I love blogging about travel, I also enjoy writing about books. This is in large part due to you guys – whenever I write a post about books, you give the best recommendations. It’s how I’ve found a lot of my recent favorites (see: 97 Orchard and Born to Run.) So I wanted … Read more

Why I Don’t Do Reading Challenges

Reading challenges seem to be all the rage these days. The annual PopSugar Reading Challenge is especially popular, which prompts you to read an impressive 40 books in a year. The list ranges widely, from ‘a book from a nonhuman perspective’ to ‘a book involving travel’. In theory, I love the idea of a reading challenge; … Read more

6 Cookbooks that Travelers will Absolutely Love

I like to cook and host dinner parties more than basically anything. And I love to cook food from all over the world – from countries I’ve lived in (France, Argentina), countries I’ve visited (Japan), and countries I’m dying to visit (Iran, Korea). So I wanted to put together a list of my favorite cookbooks that feature international cuisine. This … Read more

The 16 Best Books I Read in 2016

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! As many long-term readers know, I love to read. As I know many of you are also readers, I wanted to share my favorite books of 2016. Reading this list you’ll notice a few trends. I read lots of non-fiction, i.e. biographies, memoirs, and social criticism books. I also enjoy beautifully written … Read more

10 Outstanding Travel Memoirs to Read on Vacation

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had my nose in a book. I remember the summer I turned nine my school had a summer reading challenge and the goal was to read 10 books. I read 78. (Neeeerd.) And while I read lots of genres, nothing enthralls me like a good travel memoir. Summer is … Read more

13 Must-Read Books About Paris to Read Before Your Trip

The best books about Paris to read before your trip!

After living in Paris and visiting the city for years, I’ve read all many, many books set in Paris. And since starting this blog, I’ve had writing about my favorite books about Paris on my to-do-list. So here it finally is: the best books about Paris I’ve ever read. It’s taken me many years and … Read more