Hey everyone! Please excuse me for the week-long blog hiatus- I have not yet mastered the art of blogging while traveling. In fact I didn't even bring my laptop to London which is where I just spent several blissful and sunny days. (Yes, sunny, warm London weather in March. Can you believe it?)

While I journeyed to London briefly in 2010, this was my first time really exploring the city and I have to admit I kind of fell in love. And took hundreds of pictures, of course.

So, which photo is your favorite shot of London?

Photo A


I spent one afternoon wandering around the charming neighborhood of Notting Hill, which you may know from such films as… Notting Hill. I particularly enjoyed my time antique shopping admidst the colorful buildings on Portobello Road… post soon!

Photo B IMG_3038

Portrait photography was my first love when my dad bought me a point-and-shoot at age 12 and I have to say I really like this portrait of Julia on the Thames. Julia, for the record, is one of the three French girls I take care of. She's 16 years old but is so mature for her age- as well as funny, stylish and an absolute joy to hang out with.

Photo C London1

We had fun scrounging the delightfully grungy markets at Camden Lock, which is a canal/shopping area located in the hipster neighborhood of Camden.

Photo D


Another neighborhood we enjoyed exploring? The very ritzy Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We picked out our dream townhouses while snapping pictures of cars worth more than my ransom.

Photo E IMG_3274

When we spotted some break-dancing in Trafalgar Square, I switched my camera to sports mode and rapid fire shot some photos of guys busting some very impressive moves.

As always, thank you for reading Ashley Abroad- thank you for following along with my journey, your support means so, so much to me!

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Ashley Fleckenstein

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