Saturday Snapshot 32 & 33

So the past few weeks in France have been great, as you may have discerned from posts such as this one. As cliché as it may be, the spring in Paris is just as great as they say.

Hopefully in the future you guys will be seeing better photography from me as I just upgraded my photo editing software from Picasa to Adobe Lightroom! Though I’m currently just using the free one-month trial (which you can access here) I’m so in love with Lightroom that I will be purchasing it soon.

And if you guys haven’t done it already, I would love it if you could fill out my Ashley Abroad reader survey! I’ve already gotten so much great feedback and will be making lots of changes going forward.

Photo A


Last weekend I attended Edna’s Paris in the 50s Birthday party and had an absolute blast. It was such an interesting mix of expats, and there was just so much love in the room- I seriously feel so lucky for the great friends I’ve made this year in Paris. Bon anniversaire, Edna!

Photo B


At the party there was a little Paris blogger meet up! It was great to meet Emily as well as hang out with Edna and Danielle– as well as finally meet Edna’s fiancé Mike in person.

Photo C


Last weekend we had a long weekend in France (also known as faire le pont), so I visited the Vaux le Vicomte Château with the family I work for. It’s a beautiful château with a long and tragic history, as well as a very cool kitchen, as pictured. Post soon!
Photo D


Before leaving the château, I made sure to take a picture of the beautiful tree-lined road that leads to it.

So, which picture is your favorite this week?

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot 32 & 33”

  1. All beautiful, but I especially love the last picture! There’s a gorgeous hazy glow from the rain and new growth :)

  2. Um, the ones with me in them obviously. :) Glad you finally got to meet Mike and the other bloggers, I was so happy to see all my worlds collide!!

  3. Love the first one! The cake candles add just the right amount of lighting to capture the emotion of the moment. Sounds like a fun time! :D

  4. All the photos are outstanding in their individual way. I love the tree-lined rroad
    especially. Makes me want to drive it or walk it!



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