The Last Hadrian’s Wall Packing List You’ll Ever Need

The ultimate Hadrian's Wall packing list: What you need (and what you don't)

In May 2018, I spent six days walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path, an 84-mile trail that stretches across Northern England. The path follows Hadrian’s Wall, a 2,000-year-old Roman wall built by the emperor Hadrian. I absolutely loved my experience walking Hadrian’s Wall, and wanted to share my packing list as I haven’t found a Hadrian’s … Read more

What Living as an Expat in London is Really Like

Living in London: An American expat's experience

Welcome back to Living Abroad, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Our latest interview features Micaela, an elementary school teacher living in London with her British husband. Here, she shares about moving to London, what living in London as an American is like, and what tips she … Read more

The Best of Shoreditch Street Art: A Photo Essay

East London Street Art

In my humble opinion, Shoreditch has everything you could want in a London neighborhood: cozy pubs, outstanding Indian restaurants (see: Dishoom), ultra-hip bars (see: The Gibson), and centuries of turbulent, fascinating history. But my favorite thing about Shoreditch is the street art; it’s like a massive, grungy, outdoor art gallery. So on this visit, I decided … Read more

Highlights of a Week in England

England holds a special place in my heart. I love the pubs, the dry humor, the thousands of years of history. It’s also a very unique country. Where else would you overhear a middle-aged man on the train talking about how he’s ‘very fussy’ with his tea sandwiches? I’ll be writing individual posts about the … Read more

Eating the Delicious East End

Over my three weeks in London, I finally settled upon my dream neighborhood- the East End. The East End is everything you’d want as a twenty-something; it’s packed with street art, cute cafés, lively bars and some of London’s trendiest restaurants. The East End also has hundreds of years of history. For centuries it was synonymous … Read more