Brighton: England’s Coolest Seaside City

Due to growing up in Michigan, the seaside has always been a treat for me. Around the world I’ve loved all kinds of seaside towns from grungy port cities like Valpo, Chile, to upscale and elegant Biarritz. But Brighton is special. Brighton is like the San Francisco of England with a Victorian seaside flair. Young, colorful, LGBT-friendly and on the sea; … Read more

Finally Journeying to the North of England

I’d wanted to visit the north of England for years. Maybe it’s because most of my English friends are northern, or because I’m obsessed with medieval British history or heck, because I love Game of Thrones (the Starks, anyone?). Regardless, I knew I’d have to venture north during my three weeks in England. Going north also meant visiting Lauren, one of … Read more

The Best Street Food Markets in London (And Where to Find Them)

Okay, world. Here’s my personal declaration: London is now a foodie town. In my humble opinion, you can find more creative and diverse food in London than you can in Paris or Chicago. Yep. I wrote it. Don’t believe me? Read on to learn all about London’s best food markets I discovered during my three weeks in the Smoke. … Read more

Finding My Perfect London Neighborhood

So, here’s an itty-bitty confession- I kind of want to move to London after my time in Paris is up. In nearly every way, it’s the perfect city for me at this point in my life: large, vibrant and nightlife-filled, located in Western Europe, and oh, yeah- I could get a real job due to the common language thing. Plus… boys with posh English accents live there. Love.

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My Favorite London Moments

Though I’ve heard mixed reviews about London, for me it was nothing short of a very drizzly heaven. After months of feeling like I have no personality (my poor French reduces me to a shy but sweet, whimpering version of myself), it was such a blessing to socialize in my native language.

Escaping from France aside, there was so much to love about London, and I spent three days pocketing little moments of joy across the city. Here are a few of those moments.

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Saturday Snapshot 22

Hey everyone! Please excuse me for the week-long blog hiatus- I have not yet mastered the art of blogging while traveling. In fact I didn’t even bring my laptop to London which is where I just spent several blissful and sunny days. (Yes, sunny, warm London weather in March. Can you believe it?)

While I journeyed to London briefly in 2010, this was my first time really exploring the city and I have to admit I kind of fell in love. And took hundreds of pictures, of course.

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