Though I've heard mixed reviews about London, for me it was nothing short of a very drizzly heaven. After months of feeling like I have no personality (my poor French reduces me to a shy but sweet, whimpering version of myself), it was such a blessing to socialize in my native language.

Escaping from France aside, there was so much to love about London, and I spent three days pocketing little moments of joy across the city. Here are a few of those moments.

Generously sized coffee

Starting the day with more than a thimble of burnt French espresso was wonderful. (And truly, it's always burnt in La Belle France. I have no idea why it has a good reputation.)

Lunch at Borough Market


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Spit roast pork sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and sangria all in one sitting? Yes, please. The Borough Market was the perfect place to both lunch and people-watch, as well as enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Also I had forgotten that free samples exist (Julia assured me a French vendor would NEVER give out free samples), and I won't lie- I'm definitely on the Anglophone side of this argument.

Catching some rays on the Thames


I loved soaking up the unchariteristically strong March sun with London locals on the Thames, who seemed just as happy to be outside.



Welcoming in spring at Hyde Park


After visiting a slew of tourist sites, we sprawled out in Hyde Park to recover. We also spotted some crocuses blooming, which are normally the first flower of spring- a good sign after this cold, cloudy, endless winter! Crocuses will always remind me of my childhood in Michigan.



Stumbling upon the Camden Lock's Global Kitchen


I planned out many market visits, including Bourough Market, Camden Lock Market and Covent Garden Market- but we came across the Global Kitchen on account of pure dumb luck.

It was essentially a group of street food vendors selling food from every corner of the earth: Jamaican, Lebanese, Mexican and Spanish included. I did a little dance when I realized I would be having Chinese dumplings for breakfast!


Encountering Street Art





While I never made it over to Shoreditch, the veritable capital of London street art, I did stumble upon lots of great pieces around town.

Antique Shopping on Portobello Road


Is antique shopping a strange hobby for a girl with no actual residence? Fair enough. But delving through treasures on the colorful Portobello road was still a lot of fun, and I had to talk myself out of many great finds such as a 19th century brass compass.


Break Dancing in Trafalgar Square


While walking to the National Portrait Gallery, we spotted some very talented street dancers. It was a welcomed break amidst our packed and at times boring museum hopping.


Enjoying some much needed time at the pub


I'm never one to turn down a half-pint of something bubbly, so London's inexpensive beer and ciders flowing from the tap really cheered my soul. (Have I mentioned how shamefully overpriced beer is in Paris?) I really enjoy escaping for a few hours to the pub.

What's your favorite thing to do in London?

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Ashley Fleckenstein

Ashley Fleckenstein

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Ashley Fleckenstein