Adorable Breckenridge, Colorado

In honor of my last week in Colorado, I treated myself to a few days of skiing in Breckenridge. Breckenridge is one of my favorite ski towns as it’s absolutely adorable and only about two hours away from Boulder.  The main street looks like something out of a snow globe, with colorful shops, Victorian homes, … Read more

10 Reasons to Love Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs is hands-down one of my favorite ski towns in Colorado. It’s low-key and unpretentious, unlike Aspen or Vail. And it offers some of the best hiking and skiing in Colorado. I’ve been to Steamboat Springs several times, in both the summer and the winter. But my favorite trip by far was when I went to … Read more

Wine-tasting in Napa and Sonoma

Recently I flew out to San Francisco for work, but headed out a day early to have a day to spend in the Bay Area. When I landed, my friend Shea texted me and said, “Hey, are you down to go to Napa for the day? I rented a car.” Ummm, yes. Our first stop? Ledson … Read more

Discovering Climbing Country in Rifle, Colorado

Last month I headed to Rifle, Colorado, one of the best climbing destinations in the United States. Long-time readers may remember I don’t climb – I had a traumatic climbing incident in which I dropped a Tinder date from the top of the wall. No, that is not a joke. #thisiswhyimsingle But despite my fear of … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Coachella

Coachella First Timer

This year I headed to Coachella for the first time. As it was my first Coachella, I did some things right, and quite a few things wrong. I wanted to highlight my top ten tips that will improve your Coachella experience immensely. Or I mean, at least prevent a second-degree sunburn. DO remember you can’t see every show. … Read more

My First Coachella: Highs, Lows, and What I Wish I Had Done Differently

Coachella First Timer

Although I went to Coachella three months ago, I’ve been struggling to describe my first-time Coachella experience ever since. It was a whirlwind. But all in all, Coachella was one of the most fun weekends of my life, and turned me into a full-blown festival addict. But there are a few things I would have done differently. (Namely packing. … Read more

Running Bay to Breakers, San Francisco’s Wackiest Race

Bay to Breakers

This year I decided to finally run Bay to Breakers. I had watched the race from the sidelines in high school, but had never attempted running the course. It was time. Bay to Breakers is a 12K race in San Francisco known for its wacky costumes and public nudity. Basically, it’s a 7.5 mile party. Fun fact – Bay to … Read more

Tips for Hosting an Amazing Ski Weekend with Your Friends

There’s nothing I love more than a ski weekend. Running off to the mountains to ski with good friends? Yes, please. I also love hosting – parties, guests, you name it. I think get it from my Alabama born and bred grandmother. Which was why I was so excited to host ten of my friends … Read more

Snapshots from (Unbelievably Beautiful) Telluride, Colorado

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

I apologize in advance for the overuse of hyperbole in this post. But seriously, Telluride is the most beautiful town in the world, and I had the best weekend ever there. Early one Friday in August, I drove seven hours with friends to Telluride, a tiny mountain town in southwestern Colorado. As I secretly hate road trips, I couldn’t … Read more