10 Unique Things to do in Breckenridge (Besides Skiing)

Looking for things to do in Breckenridge, besides skiing? That’s awesome! Breckenridge is one of my favorite ski towns as it’s absolutely adorable and only about two hours away from Boulder. 

The main street looks like something out of a snow globe, with colorful shops, Victorian homes, and Christmas lights galore.

I’ve gone to Breckenridge many times over the years and always loved visiting. So I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite things to do in Breckenridge. (Besides skiing, of course).

Here are 10 unique things to do in Breckenridge (besides skiing!)

1. Get cookie sandwiches at Mary’s Mountain Cookies

Things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado

If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Mary’s Mountain Cookies while in Breckenridge. This tiny cookie shop is right on Main Street and offers delicious, super sweet cookies.

The cookies pictured above are salt mine cookies, priced at $4.20 a pop. 

2. Try Swiss fondue at The Swiss Haven

The Swiss Haven is my favorite restaurant in Breckenridge. The French owner is super friendly, the fondue is to die for, and the ambiance is warm and cozy. I recommend ordering cheese fondue, meat fondue, and chocolate fondue in one sitting – it’s all SO GOOD.

And is it just me or is fondue is hands-down the best après–ski food?

3. Go shopping on Main Street

Breckenridge has GREAT shopping. The bulk of it is on Main Street, so that’s a great place to start.

Here are a few of my favorite spots:

4. Stop by the build-your-own crêpe cart

While you’re on Main Street, stop by Crêpes a la Cart, a build-your-own crêpe stand. A visit to Breckenridge isn’t complete without stopping by the crêpe cart on Main Street. A local fixture, this is a great place to go if you like Nutella-stuffed crêpes (and who doesn’t?)

5. Go snow-shoeing

Skiing is not the only winter activity in Breckenridge – snow-shoeing is another great option!

To rent snowshoes, head to one of the two Nordic centers in town:

They will outfit you and recommend the best snow-shoeing trail for your level.

6. Wind down with a margarita at Rita’s, a local favorite

If you’re in need of a post-skiing drink, check out Rita’s. Rita’s is an underground Mexican restaurant that is known as a locals’ spot. If you love margaritas and tacos (and I mean who doesn’t?) this is your place.

7. Visit a beloved local brewery

Like most towns in Colorado, Breckenridge has a handful of great local breweries.

I recommend Broken Compass Brewing and Breckenridge Brewery.

8. Stop by the world’s highest distillery

If you’re more of a spirits fan, check Breckenridge Distillery, the world’s highest distillery. Their bourbon is especially popular.

9. Visit during the International Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships

Every January, Breckenridge hosts the International Snow Sculpture Championships where sculptors from around the world carve snow sculptures of our twenty-ton blocks of snow. It’s bananas what these artists can create out of giant hunks of snow!

So if you’re in Breck in January, head to the Snow Sculpture Championships. It’s especially fun to see them lit up at night.

10. Visit the Green Dragon, one of Breckenridge’s best dispensaries

Breckenridge is very 420-friendly. So don’t forget to visit the Green Dragon, a highly-related dispensary in Breckenridge. Highly recommended (no pun intended).

Have you ever been to Breckenridge? What’s your favorite ski town in Colorado?

Important info – 

Festivals in BreckenridgeUllr Festival (early January), Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival, Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships (late January – early February). I’ve been to the craft sprits festival and snow sculpture championships and both were really fun.

Where to stay – I stayed at this Airbnb on my last stay in Breckenridge and loved it.

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  1. I miss Breckinridge from long ago when the town only had one stop sign in the center of town. The road to the peaks were not paved, crowds were acceptable and tickets were $4.00. Now the restaurants are really good, great art stores, lot’s of friendly people. Enjoy your stay in Africa. Carl

  2. I love that picture of you throwing the snow overhead!

    I have not been to Breckinridge but it reminds me of Michigan
    Ski Resorts.

    Going to Africa you won’t be going to ski resorts for sure!

    Love, Gamma

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