The Stunning Waterfalls of Southern Iceland

Waterfalls Near Reyjavik

Confession – I never used to like waterfalls that much. I had seen Iguazu and Niagara but honestly thought they were overrated and touristy. Why all the fuss? Welp, Iceland changed that. Iceland has so many beautiful waterfalls that I spent two days road-tripping from waterfall to waterfall. My only regret was that I couldn’t see … Read more

The 10 Things That Surprised Me Most About Iceland

The 10 Most Surprising Things About Iceland

I had no idea of what to expect of Iceland. Thanks to Instagram, I knew of Iceland’s wild, rugged beauty. But beyond that, I assumed Iceland would be like Scandinavia: cold, blond, and organized. Little did I know, Iceland is quirky, unique and unlike anywhere else I’ve been. Normally when I go to Europe I’m most interested in … Read more

Iceland via Instagram

How to travel when you work full-time

Hey guys, I’m back from my five-day trip to Iceland! And before I bombard you with a deluge of posts, I wanted to share my Instagram photos.  In short, Iceland fascinated me. The people were kind, artistic, and quirky, and very proud of their Viking heritage. Reykjavik was delightfully hipster, with excellent coffee and no shortage … Read more