Why Ditching My Dream Camera Made Me Love Photography Again

Why switching to a mirrorless camera made me love photography again

I’ve loved photography since the age of 12 when after much cajoling, my parents gave me a point and shoot camera. Throughout middle and high school, I practiced photography consistently, asking anyone and everyone to model for me. Right from the start, I adored it. As I advanced, I graduated to increasingly sophisticated cameras: a … Read more

Iceland via Instagram

How to travel when you work full-time

Hey guys, I’m back from my five-day trip to Iceland! And before I bombard you with a deluge of posts, I wanted to share my Instagram photos.  In short, Iceland fascinated me. The people were kind, artistic, and quirky, and very proud of their Viking heritage. Reykjavik was delightfully hipster, with excellent coffee and no shortage … Read more

My Top 15 Travel Photos of 2014

Sorry guys! This post is yet again¬†belated. But once again I couldn’t resist sharing. So long-time readers may remember when I recapped my favorite photos of 2013. While my travels in 2014 were slightly less than 2013 (11 countries as opposed to 15) I still got around- after all, I circumnavigated the globe! So I … Read more