Confession – I never used to like waterfalls that much. I had seen Iguazu and Niagara but honestly thought they were overrated and touristy. Why all the fuss?

Welp, Iceland changed that. Iceland has so many beautiful waterfalls that I spent two days road-tripping from waterfall to waterfall. My only regret was that I couldn't see more of them.

What blew me away was the diversity of Iceland's waterfalls. Gullfoss is huge and thundering. Seljalandsfoss is crazy tall and you can walk behind it. Brúarfoss, my favorite, is the most beautiful, celestial blue.

So I wanted to share this photo essay of Southern Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls. At the bottom I've included a map to help you find them – some were easier to track down than others.


Gullfoss most reminded me of Niagara Falls – it's huge! It's also right next to Geysir, the geyser after which all geysers are named, so I would stop and see both.

Waterfalls near Reyjavik Waterfalls near Reyjavik


Brúarfoss is hard to find- we got lost on the way. But obviously, the trek is well-worth it – Brúarfoss is absurdly beautiful. Use Kaelene's thorough directions to find it!

Waterfalls near Reyjavik Waterfalls near Reyjavik Waterfalls near Reyjavik


Hjalparfoss is a double waterfall that was probably the least memorable waterfall of the trip. On the flip side, it was empty when we visited, so if you want to avoid crowds I'd recommend checking it out.

Waterfalls near Reyjavik


Seljalandsfoss is insanely cool because you can walk behind it. Pro tip – don't wear your brand-new white converse – it was pretty muddy and slippery.

Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss


Skógafoss was the grand finale of our trip. And what a finale it was – a beautiful, thundering waterfall that has graced many a postcard. If you climb up the stairs, you can see the falls from above, a view that was just as beautiful as from the view from the ground.

Waterfalls Near Reyjavik Waterfalls Near Reyjavik Waterfalls Near Reyjavik

Have you visited Iceland? Which waterfall was your favorite?

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