Koh Rong: Unspoilt Paradise or Backpacker Hotspot?

Koh Rong

Judging by what I had read about Koh Rong, I had anticipated a Robinson Carusoe-esque paradise, a white-sand island getaway from modern life. And while Koh Rong is certainly lacking in modern facilities (i.e. electricity), what I found was more of a beer-guzzling backpacker’s paradise than actual paradise. Though I admit Koh Rong does have … Read more

Blissing Out on Cambodia’s Beaches

Oh, Sihanoukville. The infamous Cambodian beach town known for its intense party scene, bountiful beaches and rampant petty theft. It is a well-trod hotspot on the Southeast Asian backpacker trail as well as a jumping off point for Cambodia’s idyllic islands. Sihanoukville has two main beaches which fall at complete opposite ends of the beach vibe … Read more

In Awe of the Temples of Angkor

What could be written about the temples of Angkor that hasn’t been written before? Well after reading countless blog posts and travel articles about the temple complex, I thought there was no way I’d enjoy visiting: it’s simply too well-known, touristy and firmly situated on the beaten track. Well surprise, surprise- I loved Angkor Wat and … Read more

Bangkok For Beginners

Ah Bangkok. The city that well, didn’t leave much of an impression on me. The city, I, to be honest, am not quite sure I liked. The city that makes me feel like a bit of a failure as a travel blogger because I don’t really know what to say about it. My distaste for the … Read more