How a Scaredy-Cat Learned to Dive on Koh Tao

Let me start this by confessing something- I’m a giant scaredy-cat. I think my parents are honestly just surprised that I’ve survived this long traveling the world because I’m scared of… well, everything. My greatest childhood fear was sharks (which I was convinced were lurking in the country club pool), but deep water, rats and the … Read more

Hong Kong: My First Asian Metropolis

Hong Kong was the type of city I was supposed to hate: a city of traffic, pollution, crowded sidewalks, with little to no nature.

But I didn’t hate it. I actually really like Hong Kong. Standing outside in the street breathing in the city’s heavy humidity, with the air conditioning units dripping down, and the people hurrying down the sidewalk and chattering in harsh Cantonese, I found the energy intoxicating.

While Hong Kong is a city I doubt I handle long-term, I loved the four days I spent there.

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21 Hours In Japan

Oh, Japan. Why did I only get to spend less than a day with you when I found you so incredibly magical? If I would’ve had more time (and more yen) I would’ve done it all: eaten takoyaki in Osaka, explored tiny fishing villages, indulged my nerdier side at the Ghibli museum in Tokyo. (Because who doesn’t … Read more

My Southeast Asia Bucket List

As my time in Paris comes to a close, I can’t help but fantacize about my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. And in order to hold myself accountable to having an amazing trip, I wanted to share my Southeast Asia bucket list. Considering I have fewer objectives on my Southeast Asia bucket list than I … Read more

A Very Special (and Asian) Announcement!

Big news! I just booked a one-way ticket to Asia! Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to finally commit to making this long-awaited journey happen. (Or how stoked I was to score a $430 dollar flight, haha.) Come the end of August, I will be on a flight bound for Hong Kong. From Hong … Read more