Saturday Snapshot 18

Hey, everyone! I hope you all have been doing great. I’ve been… well, I’ve had a tough week due to some problems with my job here. But it seems I have resolved everything so no more tears. And I’m sorry to be vague-blog but I really do think things are looking up!

So this week I barely took any photos- I think all of that Istanbul coverage (which you will see more of very soon!) wore me out photographically. Here are a few iPod-snapshots of what’s been going around in my adorable little town…

Photo A


Valentine’s Day is coming and all the florists are preparing their wares! The streets smell really, really good these days.

Photo B

photo copy 4

There were lots of blue skies this week, and I have to admit I’ve never felt like such a sun-worshipper… I swear I will never take good weather for granted again.

Photo C

photo copy

I love this guy- he sits in the plaza everyday selling his Nutella crêpes and chatting with the townspeople, and wears a different hat everyday! (They’re all fabulous but my favorite is his cowboy hat. Yee-haw.)

So which photo do you like best this week? For more of my town check out my #OnlyIn feature with Jessica from Curiosity Travels!

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot 18”

  1. Sorry to hear you had some turmoil in your job… Hope everything is okay!
    I love these little photographic glimpses into Parisian everyday life :)

  2. Love photo A, it hints at the promise of Spring and brighter times ahead! Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week but glad things are looking up :-)

  3. I of course like the flowers, but the crepe stand is great too.
    I’m glad you are having warm weather. Enjoy.

    Love, Gamma

  4. LoL! the crepes wins hands down!

    Great that he is so interactive with the community and that is the BIGGEST jar of nutella I’ve ever seen!

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