10 Unique Things to Do in Istanbul

“A lifetime isn’t enough to discover Rome” is an expression that also applies to its fellow former Roman capital, Istanbul, a city I found nothing short of magnificent.

I wanted to finish off my Istanbul coverage by recapping some activities that I strongly advise you not to miss. And while I hate the guilt that the word “must-see” tends to ascribe, here are some things to do in Istanbul that I really loved.

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Saturday Snapshots 16 & 17

Hello, lovelies! So as you may have noticed, I didn’t post a Saturday Snapshot last week because I was in ISTANBUL, a city that totally deserves all-caps. I have a strict no-computers-allowed rule-on-weekend-trips rule because if I can’t be away from my laptop for five days then I may truly have a problem. (Furiously scrolling through my Instagram feed on my iPod totally doesn’t count, right?)

So this week’s Saturday Snapshot are my favorite photos from the last two weeks… but naturally, they are all from my Istanbul trip– a very photogenic city may I just say!

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