Saturday Snapshots 16 & 17

Hello, lovelies! So as you may have noticed, I didn’t post a Saturday Snapshot last week because I was in ISTANBUL, a city that totally deserves all-caps. I have a strict no-computers-allowed rule-on-weekend-trips rule because if I can’t be away from my laptop for five days then I may truly have a problem. (Furiously scrolling through my Instagram feed on my iPod totally doesn’t count, right?)

So this week’s Saturday Snapshot are my favorite photos from the last two weeks… but naturally, they are all from my Istanbul trip– a very photogenic city may I just say!

Photo A


Staying with my cousin Suzy over the weekend, an Istanbul resident, provided not only a good excuse to catch up with one of my favorite family members but also to see the city from a very local angle. I loved stumbling upon random Turkish moments like these gorgeous rugs hanging from street-lights and old women casually walking down the street in the shadow of one of the world’s greatest architectural wonders.

Photo B


It was nice to smell the sea air and enjoy the sun in Istanbul! Living in drizzly, overcast Paris makes me really miss nature at times.

Photo CIMG_2330

The food in Istanbul did not disappoint. I (unfortunately) discovered a new love for pistachio baklava, as pictured.

Photo D

Standing in the in Hagia Sofia realized a dream I have had since 10th grade history class. This church turned mosque turned museum, which is over 1,500 years old, is absolutely magnificent. Post soon.

Photo E

As a huge fan of Arabic architecture, I really enjoyed photographing the intricate patterns and script at the venerable Blue Mosque.

So, which photo did you like best this week? Isn’t Turkey photogenic?

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots 16 & 17”

  1. I guess the photo I thought was asthetically beautiful
    is the fan. I love the design and the colors. The sea picture I liked too.
    It is a photogenic country. Look forward to your other photos.



  2. My fav is Photo E – mainly because I’ve wanted to go to Istanbul for a long time, and the Blue Mosque is top of my list of things to see. Looking forward to reading more about your trip (even though I’m uber-jealous!)

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