Saturday Snapshot 7

French Market

It has been cloudy all week so the only pictures I took this week were at the at the farmers market. I know, no excuses play like a champion, but it’s honestly really hard to take a good photo in this grey Parisian weather!

I was actually quite happy with the results considering the vendors were so happy to be photographed. Here are my top three favorites… can you help me narrow it down by voting? As always I love reading your comments below.

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Saturday Snapshot 6

Paris Street Art

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! So I’m back in Paris after a lovely weekend in the north of France. It’s nice to be home (well, back to my temporary home anyway.)

So basically any spare time I had off from my au pair job this week I spent wandering around Paris, taking lots of photos and stopping for bistro sandwiches. It was lovely.

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Saturday Snapshot 5

French town

In case you haven’t noticed my obnoxious excitement all over Facebook, Twitter and beyond, I’m officially working as a nanny in France. Thanks for reading and I’m glad to have you along for the journey!

This week took me to Nord-Pas-de-Calais, a rain and apple-filled region on the French-Belgian border.

Speaking of apples, the family I work for owns an apple farm there, which is where we stayed for two nights. When I asked the grandfather how long the farm had been in the family, he said, “Well, we have a map from 1820 that has our name on the property, so at least that long.”

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Doors from Around the World

Dingle, Ireland

It turns out that over the years I have amassed a sizable photo collection of doors, who knew! The doors are surprisingly very interesting and really reflect the countries in which I took them.

The post would be more aptly titled “anything you walk through”, considering the collection also includes lots of archways and gates. I cobbled this post together after I made the photo series Street Art from Around the World.

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