It has been cloudy all week so the only pictures I took this week were at the at the farmers market. I know, no excuses play like a champion, but it's honestly really hard to take a good photo in this grey Parisian weather!

I was actually quite happy with the results considering the vendors were so happy to be photographed. Here are my top three favorites… can you help me narrow it down by voting? As always I love reading your comments below.

Photo A

French Market

After spending three summers in France, it was a treat for me to see what's up for offer in a different season. I saw lots of fall produce like pears, concord grapes and apples.

Photo B

If you want fresh pasta at the market, the Italian vendors are your guys. They were so friendly and told me that their pasta was “Puro Italiano.” As a lover of everything Italian from tiramisu to lasagna, I'll definitely be back to their booth! Just look at that cured ham.

Photo C
Farmers Market

After I left the farmers market I took a few shots of the patrons interacting outside of it. I love how everyone seems to know each other in this town.


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