Paris in the Rain: A Photo Essay in the City of Lights

Happy Friday everyone! So now that I’ve shown you what I do on a day-to-day basis, I want to show you what I do on my day off.

On my days off I can generally be found wandering Paris in the rain.

Paris in the rain – yes, an undoubtedly cliché photo subject, but certainly a charming one. And let me say, it rains a lot in Paris. Whenever I see the sun I throw on my riding boots and run outside – it’s not a common occurrence in these parts!

Paris in the Rain

Le Marais

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the RainNote to other photographers – when I lower the shutter speed enough for the subject to be blurry like the man on the bicycle, it way over-exposes the entire image. How do you avoid that?

Anyway, if you are ever in Paris, make sure to wander the city by yourself. Whether you spot the yamaka-wearing children getting out of school at the Le Marais synagogue or the tourists toting their bright umbrellas there’s always something interesting around the corner in Paris.

Have you ever wandered Paris in the rain?

And if you aren’t sick of me yet then check out my Atlas Sliced interview with Alexa Hart! In the video I talk a lot about how to become an au pair while swishing my hair like Justin Bieber and giggling.

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About Ashley Fleckenstein

Ashley is a travel and lifestyle blogger who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since college she has au paired in Paris, backpacked the world solo, and lived in Uganda. Her work has been featured by Buzzfeed, Forbes, TripAdvisor, and Glamour Magazine.

20 thoughts on “Paris in the Rain: A Photo Essay in the City of Lights”

  1. If you adjust your ISO and aperture, that should help with the overexposure caused by the slow shutter speed. Try a low ISO (100 or so) and a small aperture (f/4+).

  2. Do you see an esposure indicator when you look into the viewfinder, or on the screen?
    If you have one, with a slow aperture speed it will show a high exposure value, that you can lower by adjusting aperture, until the indicator will be in a middle position.
    If you don’t have one thou, just riduce aperture, take a shot, and check if it helped!
    Nice photos

    • Thanks! I will check that tomorrow. There’s so much to know with photography sometimes that it stresses me out! I’ll get there though, and thanks again for the tip :)

  3. Great photos Ashley. Paris just can’t look bad, even in the rain! You are SO right about wandering Paris by yourself. Funny, I JUST wrote about that today!

  4. HI Ashley, Love your newest posts. Congrats on winning the Barrelhopping photo contest! As far as long shutter speeds and overexposure: On my Canon G12 I select from the large knob on the top of the camera Tv, which is the “shutter speed priority” mode. That is, the camera selects the Apeture and you select the shutter speed. On this setting this should take care of the overexposure issue. Another thing you can do is depress the shutter halfway and the camera should give you a preview of what the picture will look like. Good Luck and keep up the brilliant work! Love Daddy

    • Thanks, Dad! Thanks for commenting, and also thank you for the photography advice! I didn’t know that about getting a preview of what the picture will look like. I will try that out. Love, Ashley

  5. Hmm…. I Love the picture number 3, beutiful….I imagine through the road along with someone who we love and under the rain … wow … would really romantic of course.

    I really like when the rain came …. to me truly romantic atmosphere. Especially in my country which has a tropical climate

    Nice picture and post …. :)

    Please visit my blog to…. :)

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