Saturday Snapshot 8

This week found me wandering around Paris as usual, but this time in my favorite neighborhood ever, Le Marais. I also made some time to check out my town’s local castle, which was built in 1122.

Being my typical indecisive self, I couldn’t pick the my favorite Saturday Snapshot; so readers, will you help a girl out?

Photo 1

Paris in the Rain

Is there anything more cliché than Paris in the rain? Not really. And let me tell you why it’s a cliché; it’s because it rains here all the time. But as Renoir knew, there’s just something poetic about parapluies.

Photo 2

Le Marais

Okay, okay, we all get it; I love street art. But I have to say, I was surprised to find so much of it in Le Marais! I loved the colorful paintball splatter on the left, as well as the creepy emo girl on the right.

Photo 3


These photos really have nothing in common besides featuring something blue. But look carefully at the photo on the right – it’s actually a fake street sign. See how there’s a man holding it? Also the sign says that it is located in the 21st arrondissement, which doesn’t exist! Paris only has 20 arrondissements. If anyone can tell me what “Impasse Partout” means I would be ever so grateful!

Photo 4

St. Germain Chateau

So um… my neighborhood has a castle. I just love the chapel’s stained glass windows, it’s like they were made from sea glass. Post soon!

Have you ever been to Le Marais? Which shot did you like best?

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot 8”

  1. I loved Marais! Half my memory card was full of street art pictures after strolling through it :) Best part of Marais though: Eating falafel at L’As du Fallafel – sooo good!!

  2. I’m with you and Renoir, and am a sucker for umbrellas. These are all great shots, though! And those windows on the castle…wow. Did you get to go inside?

    • Thank you, and yes! The one thing I didn’t get to do was go to the top and take pictures of the view of Paris… so I’ll have to go back :)

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