What Living as an Expat in Madrid is Really Like

What living in Madrid is really like

For this month’s Living Abroad series, our next stop is Spain. Cat Gaa, a Chicago native, moved to Seville, Spain, in 2007, and is now living in Madrid with her Spanish husband and young son (with another on the way!). Here, she talks about churros, unique Spanish festivals, and walking the Camino. Quick facts about living in Madrid: … Read more

The Ultimate Girls’ Packing List for Spain

Packing List Spain

Figuring out what to pack for a summer in Spain was daunting. Historically, I’m a huge over-packer. On this trip, I wanted to pack stylishly but not bring too many clothes. One trick that was completely new to me until recently is to use packing cubes. These will change your life and make packing so … Read more

Instagramming Madrid

Hey guys! It’s official- I miss blogging. So let’s get started shall we? And of course, Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there! Ah, Madrid. The food-obsessed, neo-baroque, oh-so-español Spanish capital that always makes me want to uproot my life and speak nothing but Spanish and eat nothing but pata negra for the … Read more

Studying Abroad on Beautiful Mallorca

When I was still a wee college student, I spent one happy June “studying” the island of Mallorca, a Catalan-speaking island located a hop, skip and a jump from Ibiza. Living there, however briefly, was easy in a way only living on the Mediterranean can be: A cool bowl of gazpacho for lunch, indulgent mid-day … Read more

The Beauty of San Sebastián at Sunset

San Sebastián- Basque Country’s most beautiful city, is never more stunning than at sunset, especially from the summit of Monte Igueldo. From there you can soak in the views of San Sebastián, which contain beach and sky and mountains.

Though I know I’m an amateur photographer at best, I think theses are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken, which is in no small part due to San Sebastián inherent natural beauty.

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