Must-have Travel Accessories That Cost $30 or Less

Over the years, I’ve tested a lot of travel accessories. Honestly, I love buying travel gear — it’s one of my guilty pleasures. So I wanted to put together a post highlighting my all-time favorite travel accessories that cost less than $30. I’ve owned all of these travel accessories for years, and recommend them highly. … Read more

What NOT to Pack: 10 Items You’ll Never Need While Traveling

Over the years, I’ve tested a lot of travel gear. Some travel accessories are now indispensable to me: I absolutely love my hanging toiletry kit and packing cubes, for example. Unfortunately, other travel accessories have been total disappointments. Keep in mind that we may have different opinions about these products – maybe you swear by your travel pillow! Maybe you can’t … Read more

How to Style Wavy Hair While Traveling

How to style wavy or curly hair while traveling (without heat!)

Traveling with wavy hair can definitely present a challenge. While straight-haired girls can travel with nary a hair brush, us wavy or curly-haired girls have to put in more work, especially in humid climates. That being said, it is totally possible to make wavy hair look great while traveling. It’s even possible without heat-styling tools! Personally I never bring … Read more

The Ultimate Girls’ Packing List for Spain

Packing List Spain

Figuring out what to pack for a summer in Spain was daunting. Historically, I’m a huge over-packer. On this trip, I wanted to pack stylishly but not bring too many clothes. One trick that was completely new to me until recently is to use packing cubes. These will change your life and make packing so … Read more