Surf’s Up in San Sebastián

Besides buying millions of macarons, my 13-year old sister had one other wish for our French-Spanish vacation- she wanted to go surfing. And she wanted me to come with her.

To that, I responded, “Are you crazy, it’s April! The water’s going to be freezing.”

To which she responded, “All you care about is eating and speaking other languages!”

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A Taste of Basque Country in San Sebastián

Spain- a country that has owned a very dear piece of my heart since I spent the summer with a Spanish family in sunny, terracotta-roofed Andalucia when I was 16.

But Basque Country, located way up in the northeast corner of Spain? Basque Country was totally different from the sunny south- a green, hilly and culturally unique region I had dreamt about visiting for years.

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