A Long Weekend in Madrid: A Photo Essay

Madrid was a weekend of small pleasures. Of leisurely waking up over coffee, of snapping photos in the rain, of eating every local specialty I could get my hands on.

While I already wrote about my Madrid experience via Instagram, I wanted to share my SLR shots. I also wanted to tell you about our Madrid Food Tour with Lauren from Spanish Sabores, because um, holy deliciousness. While I love Spanish food and have lived with two Spanish host families (in Granada and Mallorca), there were still a few Spanish specialties I hadn’t tried.

New favorites? Campo real olives and bacalao. How I dream of that crispy, salty, flavor-dense fish…

Along with fantastic food, it was a weekend of great company. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so much in one weekend, and crashing with Amanda, Julika and Jessica in our travel-themed Go With Oh apartment was one for the books. Or, for the blog, rather.

Without further ado!

Classic Spanish clothes in the Plaza Mayor…






Faux angulas, or baby eels, in the Mercado de San Miguel, our first stop on the Madrid Food Tour…IMG_7205

Vermouth (on tap!) with quail eggs, boquerones (white anchovies) and campo real olives, which are marinated with thyme, garlic, fennel and oregano. ¡Riquísimas! IMG_7212

Revisiting some of Spanish favorites, gazpacho and pintxos.IMG_7227

Other patrons of the Mercado de San Miguel, enjoying the tapear or tapas crawl.IMG_7233

Waiters at Mesón del Champiñon, literally the inn of the mushroom.IMG_7237

Pimientos de padrón, fried green peppers.IMG_7245

Tasty stuffed mushroom caps.IMG_7253

My favorite eat of the whole trip, fried bacalao, at Casa Revuelta.IMG_7271

More pintxos!


Walking off our food coma the next day in the park…IMG_7309





Stopping for coffee and churros con chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés.IMG_7377





Sampling Madrid’s craft beer scene at Fábrica Maravillas. An awesome spot if you’re in Madrid!IMG_7434

Have you ever been to Madrid? Did you eat amazing food too?

A big thank you to Madrid Food Tour and Go with Oh for the complimentary food tour and apartment stay. As always, all opinions are my own.

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29 thoughts on “A Long Weekend in Madrid: A Photo Essay”

  1. Holy wow! From Boquerones, to quail eggs and baby eel; you hit almost all of my favorites (ostrich steak, conch ceviche, sea urchin, kangaroo, bluefish and cobia, and my home made steak tartare filling out the rest); and in one spot! FANTASTIC! Yesterday I made octopus pastrami! And that goes into the list as well perhaps, as do grilled frogs’ legs with Puttanesca sauce. But I digress! YOUR blogs are such a treat! Terrific! And your food view today was just delectable!!! Cheers! – Leah

  2. Love these pics, they really send me back to Madrid :) I visited a few years ago and loved the Tapas too, we found a couple of really cool ones where the owners looked a little surprised to see us. The baby eels look…interesting. How did they taste?!

  3. Stunning photos as usual. I have been day dreaming about Spain a lot recently and this just makes me want to get over there even more. Bacalao is one of my favorite Spanish foods. My grandmother is from Puerto Rico and she used to make it for me as a kid. Delish!

  4. The Photos are magnificent, but I’m not sure about the food. Do not
    know of most of it, but if you like it , must be good.



  5. Aw, it looks like such a fun weekend! I visited Madrid with my Mom so my time there had a slightly different vibe. But I still loved the city and its crazy delicious food!

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