Must-have Travel Accessories That Cost $30 or Less

Over the years, I’ve tested a lot of travel accessories. Honestly, I love buying travel gear — it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

So I wanted to put together a post highlighting my all-time favorite travel accessories that cost less than $30.

I’ve owned all of these travel accessories for years, and recommend them highly. I can promise you that they’re all good investments that will make your travels easier.

TravelWise packing cubes – $22

I know packing cubes may seem unnecessary, but I promise you — they’re not. They organize your clothes, and dramatically speed up packing and unpacking. I’m obsessed with packing cubes, and try to foist them on every traveler I meet.

eBags hanging toiletry kit – $29

I only recently bought a hanging toiletry kit, and now I’m kicking myself for not buying one sooner. They organize your toiletries so well, and are a huge upgrade from the plastic bag I used in my early twenties. Plus, this one has a hook so you can hang it in the shower! It also packs flat, making it easy to store. Okay, okay, I’ll stop.

Joto2 power strip – $21

This power strip will make you lots of friends if you’re staying in a hostel. It has SO many ports: three USBs, one USB-c, and two regular outlets. It also has a really long extension cord, which comes in handy.

Jackery power bank – $17

A power bank is such a life safer. When I’m traveling, I carry one around in my backpack in case my phone dies. It gives me peace of mind and has saved me in many situations. Definitely worth packing!

Lewis N. Clark eye mask – $7

I’m obsessed with eye masks, especially this Lewis N. Clark one, which super soft and cozy. It may be the best $7 you’ll ever spend.

Petzl headlamp – $19

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If you’re staying in hostels, having a headlamp is a must. They allow you to pack your bag in the early morning without disturbing anyone. The’re also essential for camping.

Note – if you’re going to buy a headlamp, just buy a Petzl. I’ve tried to use off-brand headlamps, but it’s better invest in a quality one that will last.

Sun Bum sunscreen – $12

I’m a bit of a sunscreen nut – I wear it every day, rain or shine. Sun Bum makes my favorite sunscreen ever – it smells just like a piña colada.

For my face, I use Eltamd SPF 40. It’s the only sunscreen I’ve ever found that doesn’t smell like sunscreen — it goes on just like lotion.

Nalgene water bottle – $10

Want to be eco-friendly and budget-conscious? Pack a Nalgene water bottle – this one is my absolute favorite. It’s lightweight, compact, and cute.

Maxah universal travel adapter – $11

I recently bought a cheap travel adapter, which started smoking after I plugged it into the wall. Learn from my mistake and invest in a high-quality adapter. I recommend buying a universal one, so you can use it in any country.

Reef flip flops – $20

When I’m traveling in tropical regions, I more or less live in flip flops. But flip flops are essential no matter where you are – hostel showers can be sketchy anywhere.

I’ve worn Reef flip flops since I was 14 and swear by them – they mold to your feet and are so comfy.

The Wet Brush – $8

No joke, the Wet Brush has changed my life. At first, I was skeptical – a brush that magically keeps tangles out of your hair? Yeah right. But seriously, the Wet Brush makes brushing my hair post-shower a task that takes 30 seconds, not ten minutes.

P.S. Don’t buy the mini one! It’s terrible.

GoToob refillable containers – $19

I use GoToob refillable containers to store my face wash, shampoo, and conditioner. They’re three ounces, so you can pop them in your carry-on. Plus, they’re so much more eco-friendly than buying travel-size toiletries.

Must-have travel accessories for less than $30!

What are some of your favorite travel accessories?

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