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So as you guys may have seen on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) I’m going to INDIA! I’ll be heading there with my friend McCall for six weeks of yoga teacher training and trekking in the Himalayas. And of course, the Taj Majal. But first I will spend six weeks in Europe (I leave tomorrow, by the way!) and then fly to Delhi in April. I’m currently debating if I will add another six weeks in Southeast Asia onto the trip but I’ll decide that further down the line.

Anyway, what does this all mean for packing? Well, it means that packing will be a mother. I have to pack stylish winter clothes for Europe, yoga and trekking clothes for India and warm weather partying clothes for Southeast Asia.

Oh dear. Here’s my game-plan- I’m packing tons of leggings because I can use them in Europe (with boots) and in India (for yoga). McCall is generously bringing a few things to India for me like hiking boots and sunscreen. And if I make it to Thailand, I’ll just go on a Thai shopping spree in Bangkok. (I’ve always wanted to do that anyway).  

Here’s what I’m packing for my RTW trip:


Packing Around the World Trip
  • Jo Totes Camera Bag – My day bag and where I store my valuable electronics: camera, Kindle, chargers.
  • Wristlet – Daytime it’s a wallet and night time it’s a clutch! Genius, right?
  • 65L REI Backpack
  • Packing cubes – All clothes organized into packing cubes.


Packing Around the World Trip
  • 1 peacoat (will ship home after Europe, not shown)
  • 1 pair touch-screen gloves
  • 1 hoodie
  • 2 light sweaters
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 chambray shirt
  • 1 lace dress
  • 1 tight, knee-length skirt
  • 1 cotton dress
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 3 pairs leggings
  • 1 pair of pajama shorts and lots of tank tops
  • 1 pair of athletic shorts (double for pajama shorts)
  • 5 pairs socks, 1 pair thick socks (skiing, hiking)
  • 7 pairs underwear
  • 2 bras (1 nude, 1 black)
  • 1 pair of tights



Packing Around the World Trip
  • Canon EOS Rebel T2i + LCD screen protector + camera case + BlackRapid Metro camera strap + Canon 50mm lens f/1.4 + Canon kit lens
  • Kindle + case
  • iPhone 5S + case + screen protector (not shown)
  • iPod
  • 1 mini speaker
  • Accessories: headphones, earbud splitter, 1 extra battery for Canon EOS Rebel T2i, 3 memory cards (16 GB, 4 GB, 4 GB), 2 converters (one europe, one u.k.), USB
  • Chargers: Camera, Kindle, iPhone, iPod, mini speaker


  • 5L dirty laundry bag
  • 2 eye-masks (lost mine last time and had trouble sleeping for a month. Never again. Bringing two.)
  • 1 Moleskine notebook and pens, 1 mini Moleskine (to carry around during the day)
  • 1 bikini (On my Southeast Asia I brought two which was great, but for this trip, I won’t be on the beach as much.)
  • 1 travel robe (won in Angie Away giveaway!)
  • 1 mini travel towel (for washing face)
  • Combination padlock
  • Tiny flashlight
  • 1 pair of small scissors
  • 1 pair earrings, 1 necklace
  • Sunglasses + case


  • Shower: 2 small bars soap, Venus razor and 4 extra blades, deodorant
  • Skin: Face wash, acne medication, moisturizer with sunscreen, tweezers, Neutrogena face wipes
  • Hair: Lush solid shampoo and case, Lush solid conditioner and case, 1 mini brush, John Freida frizz serum, hair ties
  • Teeth: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, retainers
  • Makeup: foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, brow pencil, liquid eyeliner, lip balm, lip stain, brushes, pencil sharpener
  • Miscellaneous: Tampons, nail clippers
  • Medicine: sleeping pills, Midol, cold medicine, Advil, melatonin

Debit and credits cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card (has chip-in pin, great for Europe)
  • Charles Schwab debit card (no international transaction fees, refunds the other bank’s fees)
  • Extra: (In case I lose others): Chase debit card, AMEX Starwood Rewards credit card

What my friend is bringing to India for me (thanks so much McCall!) 1 pair hiking boots, 1 pair black flip flops, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, Imodium

What I’m doing differently from my last backpacking trip:

I upgraded my iPhone from a 4 to a 5S so now I don’t need a point and shoot!

I’m also bringing stronger sunscreen to India, SPF 50, as I got horrifically burnt in Thailand.

I cut about six inches off my mane so now my hair will be so much easier to take care of. I used to spend around 45 minutes a day brushing my long, damaged hair.

I’m going to make sure to have a tiny notebook on my at all times to jot down in-the-moment observations.

I’m also bringing lots of make-up (Europe) as well as acne medication as I broke out so much in Asia. Never again!

And once I get to Asia I will always have toilet paper on me- there are so many bathrooms that don’t come stocked.

And surprise! I’m not bringing my laptop this time. I hated lugging my heavy laptop around Asia and working on the road definitely hampered my trip. As this is my last big trip I’m not working at all. (Plus I lost my main freelancing gig anyway.)

I’m also not bringing my PacSafe- as I’m not bringing my laptop I doubt I will need it.

What are some of your packing tips?

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