So, I'm not going back to Asia. At least not right now.

Being my usual impulsive and FOMO-prone self, I booked a one-way ticket to Europe last week!

But I have a good reason- although 2014 will be the year I finally settle down, I want to go on one last trip to see friends and family in Europe. Plus, my little brother is studying in London – I'd be crazy not to visit!

Let's remember these are tentative plans- though a few are set in stone.

The other day I had friends in Chicago rolling their eyes when I innocuously said, “Oh, next month I'm going back to Europe. Just for a few months though.”

When you hang out with as many travellers and travel bloggers as I do, you forget that most people's vacations do not last multiple months. Oops.

Anyhow, this trip will definitely include England, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and France, but maybe a few more places – honestly I have no idea – remember I booked a one-way ticket!

For the next month I'll be saving up like a madwoman in Michigan to prepare for the wallet-drain known as Western Europe. (Even just thinking about euros, pounds and francs make me weep for the $4 massages and 50 cent beers of Cambodia.)

Without further ado!

Feb 19- NYC

New York

Source: Wikimedia

My college best friend Alyssa and I will be stopping over in the city that never sleeps! (She's actually the friend I worked with at New York Fashion Week.) New York is one of my favorite cities on earth so I can't wait.


Feb 21-23 London


Next stop? London! In London we are probably Couchsurfing, so lord knows it will be an awesome, if out of control, weekend. I also want to catch up with lots of London-based friends, and of course, my little brother!


Feb 24-28 Venice for Carnivale


Source: Wikimedia

My friend Edna and her friends are renting a house on the canal for Venice carnivale! (Have I mentioned recently that my friends are amazing?) I plan on donning a mask, eating lots of risotto and taking about four thousand photos.


Feb 28-March 5 ???

This is a blank spot in my calendar, one that I'm debating how to fill up- if you know of some great towns in Switzerland, Northern Italy or nearby please do let me know!


March 5-8 Skiing in Switzerland


Source: Wikimedia

Remember that one time when I whined about being too poor to go skiing in Switzerland? (Feel free to slap me whenever.) Now I finally am going! I will be staying with a German family friend who owns a chalet there. As I'm a die-hard skim bum, I can't wait to spend a few days on the slopes. I'm also a huge, huge fan of après-ski and après-ski in Switzerland means lots of raclette and fondue. Yes.


Beyond that I haven't booked anything, but I'll be spending March visiting friends in London (including the lovely Amanda of Farsickness!), Paris, and the north of England, as well as heading to Madrid for a blogger girls' weekend – plans to be announced soon! Because who doesn't love a Spanish holiday?

While I definitely, absolutely want to settle down this year, I'm still really excited to head back to Europe as one of my resolutions was to spend more time with friends.

So what am I missing? What should I do on my last big trip to Europe? Spill in the comments!

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Ashley Fleckenstein

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