Snow? In Paris? A Photo Series

So one unremarkable night in January, something happened that so many had told me I would never see:

It snowed in Paris.

Paris in the Snow


And Lonely Planet would kill me, but… it was magical.



I also witnessed my first Parisian déménagement, which I had no idea was such a process. I guess how else would you get all of those heavy Baroque candelabras and Cruella DeVille dial phones out of your apartment?

Paris is the Snow

Paris in the Snow

Montmartre Jan1

But the most important thing I discovered on that snowy day was actually something I rediscovered – the beauty of Paris. Living here can jade you to the city’s uniquely Parisian charms: the art deco métro signs, the oh-so-French mansard roofs, the strangely appealing beige monochrome of the city. At times I even get sick of the baguettes. (And how is that even possible?)


The snow went as fast as it came, and serves as a metaphor for my experience here- I only have five months left in France, and I plan to cherish them as much as possible. Because they’ll be gone before I know it.

Montmartre Jan

Have you ever seen it snow in Paris?

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12 thoughts on “Snow? In Paris? A Photo Series”

  1. Gorgeous! Paris looks even more magical in the snow!
    I know how it feels to forget about the beauty that surrounds you when you’re struggling with everyday life issues – it’s good you had a little snowy wake up call that reminded you why you decided to live in Paris in the first place!:)

  2. I have seen Paris in the snow and it was beautiful! Though it doesn’t need snow for that! Your pictures just make me more determined than ever to get back for visit number three!

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