My Upcoming Travel Plans

Despite my extremely lofty travel expectations, I haven’t traveled nearly as much in Europe as I would have hoped- I’ve ventured off to only two destinations (Germany and Turkey) in four months! But my lack of travel is probably a good thing considering I’m saving up for so many future trips. And plus, with almost five more months in France, I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a few short-distance train vacations before the end of my stay here. My current goals are Brittany, the French Alps and Northern Ireland… so stay tuned!

Here’s my agenda for the rest of 2013… any destination advice is highly welcome!

Travel Bloggers Unite in Rotterdam, Holland


Images clockwise from top left: Kinder Djik, Discovering Touring Europe, Lonely Planet, Lonely Planet

This year the annual Travel Bloggers Unite conference will be held in Rotterdam, Holland. This is my first travel blogging conference so I’m super excited to meet up with some of my peers as well as explore a bit of the Netherlands! In addition to Rotterdam I am hoping to make some side-trips to Kinder Djik, the land of the windmills, as well as Delft, a city blessed with gorgeous Flemish architecture.

Travel blogging buddies- who else is going to TBU in Rotterdam?


Big European Summer Trip


Images clockwise from top left: National Geographic, Charter World, Landmark, Auto Algarve

Every year I choose somewhere in Europe for my big summer vacation. (rough life, eh?) Last year it was Corfu, the year before that it was Rome and Sardinia, and this year is up in the air- but I’m thinking of continuing in the same warm-weather, beach vacation spirit.

Here are my top four choices currently: the Costa Brava of Spain, the Algarve of Portugal, Corsica or Budapest. I’m leaning towards enjoying some cheap holidays in Spain because the Spanish Costas have the best beaches and I seriously need to get my sangria on. Wherever I am I plan to relax, soak up some sun and celebrate my 23rd birthday!


Back Home


I have a ticket booked for July 25th to return stateside, where I plan on enjoying at least a month with my family at our beloved cottage. There is no place more dear to my heart than our cottage on Lake Huron.


Southeast Asia


Images clockwise from top left: Been as Fish Bowl, Koh Phangan Thailand, Terry Ting Chaleun, Blue Marlin Diving

This feels so good to put in print- I am planning a trip to Southeast Asia that I have been dreaming about since I was 17. My Southeast Asia bucket list so far consists of volunteering at an elephant sanctuary, taking Thai massage and cooking classes, partying until dawn at the Full Moon Party and FINALLY learning how to scuba dive. My planned budget is $6,000 spending money (not including the flight) for four months… do you think that will be enough?

So, what am I missing? Any advice would be fantastic!

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32 thoughts on “My Upcoming Travel Plans”

  1. Your plans sound amazing – and $6000 for SE Asia should be more than enough for four months AND flights.
    I’m heading to TBU too. It will also be my first travel blogging conference.

  2. Your missing NOTHING! and it sounds incredible.

    Budapest is near the top of my list, so I’d be learning there… then go to the Spanish coast!

    My only advice is DONT STOP! & keep planning the for the next trip!

  3. These plans sound just fabulous! I’m so looking forward to hanging out with you in Rotterdam and to exploring gorgeous Kinderdijk!
    For obvious reasons I’m rooting for the Algarve as THE perfect destination for your big European summer vacation. Just google Lagos, and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else :) And it’s super cheap too!
    And as for weekend getaways in France – I’m still in for a weekend in Strasbourg :)

    • I’m so excited to meeting up with you as well! And I talked to my Dutch friend and he suggested checking out Delft, it’s supposed to be beautiful and very Flemish. And yes, I would love to meet up! Could you do Strasbourg sometime in late April? Or we could go to Lagos and the south of Spain this summer, cough cough.

  4. Im headed to Budapest at the end of the month. Have been wanting to go there for the longest time. I think $6000 for 4 months in SE Asia is a generous budget. You should have a great time with that amount of money.

    • Have a great time in Budapest, I’m still obviously not 100% sure I’m going! And with Southeast Asia there are so many expensive activities that I want to do so I want to make sure to have a budget with a bit of wiggle room. Thanks for the advice!

    • I’m so glad to have your support, Gamma! Mom thinks I’m a little crazy for wanting to go to Southeast Asia by myself but I know so many people who have done it so I’m sure I’ll be okay. Love and miss you so much! Ashley

  5. Corsica is also at the top of my summer-getaway-wishlist, so I would recommend that! And I think there are many places in Corsica and Sardegna which are not even too expensive.
    I’m also planning some smaller weekend trips to Belgium, Cinque Terre, and Florence + Perugia :)

  6. Awesome travel plans! I’m going to Rotterdam in August followed by my visit in Brussels. You will love South-East Asia. We spent there 6 months last year. Let me know if you need some help or have any questions x

  7. I love how Ireland can be considered “short distance” – Europe is so great in that way. Also, so so excited for you and your South East Asia trip, that is definitely the next BIG adventure I have my heart set on. I so wish I could go to TBU but I will be in the STates then, sad day.

  8. Good luck! I live just down the road from Kinderdijk so my biggest advice is to go by bike! You can either hire them there or get one in Rotterdam, then catch the ferry (you can bring your bike for free) and ride from the ferry stop. Then you get to see all the typically Dutch stuff on the way – canals, clogs, cows etc :) Think I’m going to be missing TBU as I’ll be back on the road tour guiding then, but have fun!

  9. All of your future travels sound like tons of fun! I truly am jealous. I’ll be teaching in Spain for a year beginning in October and hope to get to Costa Brava. I’ve been to Spain twice but never made it there. In southern Spain, I recommend Nerja for a beach. It’s pretty touristy in the summer but the beaches are gorgeous! Love your writing!

  10. That sounds like an awesome year! =) SE Asia is a dream location, due to my job it’s just a little hard to catch the best time to go there. You don’t want to stay there during the monsoon ;-)

  11. Hi Ashley. When are you planning on going to SOutheast Asia? I am hoping to be there around the end of this year. Maybe we can meet up!

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