A Blissful Sunday Picnic in a French Park

Spring- a magical season wherever you may be, but one that feels particularly magical in Paris- do you know what a relief it is to feel sunshine on your face and squish grass under your toes after the dreariest, greyest winter of your life? In our own Parisian form of sun-worship, we headed to the … Read more

Saturday Snapshot 7

French Market

It has been cloudy all week so the only pictures I took this week were at the at the farmers market. I know, no excuses play like a champion, but it’s honestly really hard to take a good photo in this grey Parisian weather!

I was actually quite happy with the results considering the vendors were so happy to be photographed. Here are my top three favorites… can you help me narrow it down by voting? As always I love reading your comments below.

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A Fall Farmer’s Market in France

French Market

There are few things I love in France more than the open-air markets. There’s just something about the beautiful produce, friendly vendors and shameless people-watching that I adore. I have been to the markets many times but never with a camera in tow. To my surprise and delight the vendors were more than happy to … Read more