Traveling with wavy or curly hair can definitely present a challenge. While straight-haired girls can travel with nary a hair brush, us wavy or curly-haired girls have to put in more work, especially in humid climates.

That being said, it is totally possible to make wavy or curly look great while traveling. It’s even possible without heat-styling tools! Personally I never bring heat-styling tools on the road. Well, let’s be real – I style my hair with heat like twice a year at home anyway.

Over the years, I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks to keeping my wavy hair presentable on the road. So if you too want to avoid looking like a frizzball in Asia, read on.

How to style wavy or curly hair while traveling (without heat!)

Au naturel every damn day

1. Use the Wet Brush

Hands up if you get dreadlocks when you don’t brush your hair.

No joke, the Wet Brush has changed my life. At first I was skeptical – a brush that magically keeps tangles out of your hair? Yeah right.

But seriously, the Wet Brush makes brushing my hair post-shower a task that takes 30 seconds, not ten minutes.

2. Bring hair serum

Hair serum is a super easy way to combat frizz on the road. I’m a long-time fan of like John Freida.

3. Get a Brazilian blowout or Keratin treatment before you leave

How to style wavy or curly hair while traveling (without heat!)

This is my hair right after getting out of a hot tub. I ❤︎ my Brazilian blowout.

A few months ago I got my first Brazilian blowout and it has changed. my. life.

A Brazilian blowout is a professional hair smoothing treatment. It’s awesome because it takes the frizz out of your hair and makes it dry way faster.

I love it because while I still have some of my natural waves, I have none of the frizz. I seriously think I will get Brazilian blowouts for the rest of my life.

Yes, it’s expensive. Brazilian blowouts cost $250 and you have to get them every three months. But I break it down by day – wouldn’t you pay $2.78 to have amazing hair and not wrestle with blow dryers and straighteners?

If you have a Brazilian blowout, you have to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Also, you have to be careful with salt water – so if you’re planning on swimming in the ocean a lot on your trip, a Brazilian blowout or Keratin treatment may not be worth your time.

4. Braid your hair at night

How to style wavy or curly hair while traveling (without heat!)

Heat-free braid waves for the win.

Whether I’m traveling or not, I often braid my hair at night and wake up with beautiful waves. I’ve found it’s most effective when you braid your hair in pigtail braids – bonus points if you can do French braids.

5. Side-braid your hair during the day

How to style wavy or curly hair while traveling (without heat!)

I have to say I’m a big fan of the side-braid. It’s cute and keeps your hair out of the way, whether you’re scuba-diving or motor-cycling.

6. Don’t sleep on it wet at night!

This is fairly obvious, but as we all know, there’s no saving hair that was slept on wet. Ever. But if you must sleep on it wet, definitely braid it.

7. Bring good shampoo and conditioner

Good product can make all the difference for textured hair. If I’m carrying-on my luggage, I bring GoToobs filled with my favorite shampoo and conditioner.

If I’m checking my luggage, I bring entire bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

I’m also a huge fan of Lush Solid Shampoo because it smells great, lasts forever and lathers up surprisingly well.

8. Leave it long & avoid coloring it

How to style wavy or curly hair while traveling (without heat!)

I find that it’s easier to have long hair when I’m traveling. Shoulder-length hair requires a lot more styling, especially when you have wavy or curly hair.

Also, if you can avoid coloring your hair do so – highlighted hair gets tangled so much more easily. (However I always have color-treated hair, so if that’s your thing it’s not that big of a deal.)

Wavy and curly-haired ladies – how do you keep your hair looking good on the road?

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