What Working as an Au Pair in the Netherlands is Really Like

American Au Pair in Netherlands

Today we’re hearing from Megan, an American au pair in the Netherlands. (NOT Holland, as she corrected me- only two of the Netherlands’ 12 provinces are called Holland!) Anyway, I really enjoyed reading about Megan’s experience as I’ve never met anyone who has au paired in the Netherlands. But honestly it seems pretty fantastic: who … Read more

What I Love and Hate About Au Pairing in the US

The Pros and Cons of Au Pairing in the US

Today we’re hearing about the pros and cons of au pairing in the US from Anna, a Polish au pair. Anna currently is au pairing in small-town Pennsylvania and has mixed feelings about the US: there are aspects she loves and others she hates. I really enjoyed Anna’s honest take on living in the US as a foreign … Read more

A Polish Au Pair in the USA: Agnieszka’s Experience

Good morning, guys! So today we are hearing from Agnieszka, a (former) Polish au pair in the USA. Agnieszka has a bit of an unusual situation, as she and her host dad fell in love and got married!  They still live in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is a step-mother, blogger and wife. I really enjoyed interviewing Agnieszka as … Read more

10+ Gift Ideas for What to Bring Your Host Family

Au Pair Host Family Gift

You should definitely bring your host family a gift. But the question is, what gift should you give them? Bringing a gift shows your host family that you are grateful to be included in their lives. Whether you’re living with this family for two weeks or two years, a gift goes a long, long way. Here are my … Read more

A German Au Pair in Australia- Anneke’s Experience

German Au Pair in Australia

Today we’re hearing from Anneke, a 24-year old German student who worked as an au pair in Western Australia for seven weeks. I’m especially excited to have her as she’s my good friend Julika’s little sister! On this site I try to mix up both positive and negative experiences to give future au pairs a … Read more

A Brazilian Au Pair in the USA: Andrea’s Experience

Brazilian Au Pair USA

Today we are hearing from Andrea, a Brazilian au pair who worked in Kansas City, Missouri for 13 months. (Kansas city being home of the best barbecue, of course. Not a bad fit for a Brazilian!) Thanks Andrea for telling us about working as a Brazilian Au Pair in the USA. Andrea is our first Brazilian … Read more

How to Become an Au Pair in France: A Step-by-step Guide

How to Become an Au Pair in France

One of the biggest reasons people visit my blog is to find out how to become an au pair in France. So today we are hearing from Marianne, an American au pair who is currently working in Brittany, France. Here she walks us through every single step of the au pair application and tells us about … Read more

Working as an Au Pair in Munich, Germany: What It’s Really Like

Canadian Au Pair Germany

Today we are hearing from Emily, a Canadian who worked as an au pair outside of Munich, Germany. Read on to hear all about her adventures in Munich! Name:  Emily Bitz Location: Munich, Germany Country of origin: Canada Age when you worked as an au pair: 19 Number of children you took care of (and … Read more

How to Become an Au Pair in the UK: A Step-by-step Guide

Curious about how to au pair in the UK? Read on to hear about American au pair Amy’s experience working for an English family, and her tips on how to best find a family and visa. When people decide to au pair, often the main motive is to develop their foreign language skills. As someone … Read more

How to Get Along with Your Au Pair Host Family

Getting along with your au pair host family can be tough, especially if you live with the family. Living where you work isn’t easy, and often it can feel like you have no privacy and that you’re always working. But forming a good relationship with your host family will make your overall au pair experience so, so … Read more