What I Love and Hate About Au Pairing in the US

Today we’re hearing about the pros and cons of au pairing in the US from Anna, a Polish au pair. Anna currently is au pairing in small-town Pennsylvania and has mixed feelings about the US: there are aspects she loves and others she hates.

I really enjoyed Anna’s honest take on living in the US as a foreign au pair- I hope you guys like it too!

What I love about au pairing in the US:

The cities.

Pros and cons of au pairing in the US

I love the cities in America. For example, seeing New York City for the first time in reality instead of movies was amazing.

Living by the ocean.

The ocean makes me happy. It’s the only place that hasn’t been fully explored and where you can escape gravity. Living near it is great!

The nature.

The Pros and Cons of Au Pairing in the US

In the US you can see everything from desert to the ocean and from wild horses to sharks.

The cheap gas prices.

The gas prices are sooo much cheaper than anywhere in Europe.

The sales.

The sales in America are amazing- especially Black Friday!


What I Hate About Au Pairing in the U.S.

The people.

The Pros and Cons of Au Pairing in the US

(No offense!! ) Of course you can’t generalise but most Americans are more money-oriented than Europeans and they strongly believe the US is the best country in the world even though many of them have never been abroad. Once again I don’t mean to offend anyone but whoever I meet here from Europe or South America thinks the same.

It’s also hard to become friends with Americans. For example my American friend (yes, i have one) who has just travelled across Asia for five months told me almost no one asked about his adventures. Everyone was just concerned when he will start living a real life.

The fact that I can’t visit Cuba.

It might sound funny but it has always been my dream and I thought I could visit it since I’m so close. But it’s illegal.

Flight prices.

Flying from one state to another is much more expensive than flying between countries in Europe.

The fact that as an EU citizen I can’t get a legal job here.

The food.

Pros and cons of au pairing in the US

Italian doesn’t taste Italian, Chinese doesn’t taste Chinese and there are some things that are labeled “traditional Polish” and I, a Pole born and raised, have never heard of.

[Editor’s note- I certainly know what you mean, but I think this has a lot to do with the fact that you’re living in a town of 3,000 people! Major cities in America have much more authentic food, I can promise you that.]


Have you au paired in the US? What did you think the pros and cons of au pairing in the US are?

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