Working as an Au Pair in Munich, Germany: What It’s Really Like

Today we are hearing from Emily, a Canadian who worked as an au pair outside of Munich, Germany. Read on to hear all about her adventures in Munich!

Name:  Emily Bitz

Location: Munich, Germany

Country of origin: Canada

Age when you worked as an au pair: 19

Number of children you took care of (and ages): 4 children. 7, 14, 16, 17 (mainly driving the older ones around and cleaning their rooms).

What Au Pairing in Munich is really like

Welcome, Emily! So to get started how did you find your family in Munich?

I found my family on AupairWorld.

What kind of visa did you get? Was it hard to get?

I got an au pair visa. You needed to speak a very basic (A1) level of German. Most au pairs did not get tested when they went to the consulate, but I did and I just had to answer a few basic questions in German.

Did you go to German school?

Yes, to prepare myself for my visa. Then I continued out of interest.

How long were you in Germany?

One year.

Did you live in Central Munich or in the suburbs?

I lived in the suburbs, about 15 minutes from Munich by train.

What you loved about working in Munich, Germany:

The English gardens, beer festivals, how easy it was to travel to other cities, meeting so many other au pairs, the German language and the beer.

What you disliked about working in Munich, Germany:

Munich is expensive, Germans can be cold and it’s not a huge city compared to some other European cities.

Did you have your own room or own apartment?

I lived with the family and had my own room and bathroom.

What duties did you have? Did you cook for the family?

I did a lot that was not set out in the contract: laundry, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, shovelling the driveway, gardening, grocery shopping, etc. In an au pair contract you’re only legally obligated to do things regarding the children. But I did not cook for the family, the housecleaner did.

How did you entertain/educate the children?

I entertained the kids with board games, playing outside, English lessons, piano, swimming and English movies.

How did you spend your free time?

Spending time with the friends I made, hanging out at the English gardens, drinking beer, exploring the city and taking weekend trips.

How did you make friends? Were there many expats/fellow au pairs?

What Au Pairing in Munich is Really Like

I made friends through the “Au Pairs in Munich” Facebook group. There were tons of au pairs and expats- mostly found at a bar called “Euros” which was actually inside a hostel.

What was the dating scene like in Munich?

Germans are hard to become friends with, I think most of the au pairs/expats dated each other.

To what degree did you learn German?

I can understand about 75 percent. Germans can hear within the first word that you are not a native speaker though, so it was definitely hard to practice as they’d always reply in English.

Overall would you recommend working in Munich, Germany?

Yes, I would recommend it. Although six months would probably be enough time to see the city and get lots of traveling done

Any important things to pack?

Anything you may really miss from home, otherwise it’s pretty easy to buy anything you need once you arrive.

Have you ever considered working as an au pair in Munich, Germany?

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Emily Bitz is a 21-year old girl from Vancouver, Canada. She gets her love of travel from her parents. When she isn’t traveling, she is reading, writing, or researching her next adventure.

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