Snapshots from (Unbelievably Beautiful) Telluride, Colorado

I apologize in advance for the overuse of hyperbole in this post. But seriously, Telluride is the most beautiful town in the world, and I had the best weekend ever there.

Early one Friday in August, I drove seven hours with friends to Telluride, a tiny mountain town in southwestern Colorado. As I secretly hate road trips, I couldn’t wait to arrive in the town that I had heard so much about from Coloradans and non-locals alike.


Well, suffice to say I was stunned upon arriving. As I walked around town I took more photos than a German tourist, but seriously- what are these views? I couldn’t believe how steeply the mountains jutted up around the valley.

TellurideThe main reason we were in Telluride was for a two-day Pretty Lights show. I loved the festival but was surprised how similar it was to his show I saw a few years back- it seems he hasn’t produced anything new in several years.


The morning after the first show we hiked the four-hour Jud Wiebe trail. Significantly sleep-deprived and hungover (hey, I brought an entire shipment of Club W wine), I was pretty miserable while hiking uphill. But the 1200 vertical feet were totally worth it for the camaraderie and the views.

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

I was so glad we had rented a house as a group, as it was relatively inexpensive and we could cook our own meals. And whether we were whipping up flank steak with chimichurri (YAAAS) or playing beer pong on the dining room table, we were undoubtedly enjoying ourselves.

Overall it was just a great weekend: delicious food, good music, beautiful mountains and hilarious, well-traveled people.

Anyway, here are some photos that will hopefully persuade you to visit Telluride sooner rather than later.

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer


Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the SummerBeautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer

Beautiful Telluride, Colorado in the Summer


Have you ever been to Telluride? Have you ever been to a super cute mountain town like it?

. . . . . . . . . . .

Important information about Telluride: If you want to see a music show in Telluride, I’d recommend renting a house way in advance. We rented an Airbnb about six months in advance and it was perfect: we could cook our own meals, had plenty of space and it was relatively inexpensive.

The drive from Denver to Telluride is absolutely beautiful- you mainly drive winding back roads, not interstate highways. But make sure to print out directions as you’ll most likely lose service in the mountains.

Also while in Telluride check out Telluride Brewing Company, the local brewery. I really like the Bridal Veil Pale Ale personally. But note that there are no seats so you may end up sitting on a bench outside.

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21 thoughts on “Snapshots from (Unbelievably Beautiful) Telluride, Colorado”

  1. Aww Telluride looks so beautiful! Always reminds me of that Tim McGraw song. I never visited, but I’ve been to Colorado a handful of times to visit a friend who’s from Breckenridge. The two are quite similar with that charming small town feel. Beautiful photos!

  2. These pictures, coupled with my recent visit to Boulder, make me want to move to Colorado so badly. It is an unbelievably beautiful state. You’re so lucky to have the chance to call it home and road trip to such stunning locations :)

  3. While I think deep down if given the chance, I would always pick leaving near the coast over mountains, you cannot dispute how utterly gorgeous and spectacular those mountains are! I was in Utah earlier this year (my first foray out West that wasn’t California) and I couldn’t get over the natural landscapes that are “just there.” The landscapes look surreal and yet I know the are the real thing. Would love to visit sometime!

  4. I love Crested Butte in Colorado. They have tons of really cool festivals throughout the year and it is beautiful year-round (although very hard to get to in winter). It is pretty far from the Denver area, but the drive there is beautiful and there is tons of great hiking and camping. Near Boulder there is a little town called Nederland (my hometown!!), which is not quite as charming as Telluride, but it is a great place to go for a night in the woods. There are a couple really yummy restaurants too (especially the Nepalese restaurant… yum….)

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