Hey guys! As you may have read 2014 was quite a year. And honestly I've never been happier.

From 17 to 23 my goals were the same: write for a living, speak multiple languages fluently, travel the world and get in shape. And crazy enough I was able to accomplish all of them!

But my goals are different now. Now that I'm settled I'm finally able to do so many things I had been craving: create a comfortable, beautiful space, date, brew beer, have a wardrobe of more than black tank tops (ha) and most importantly, build a network of good friends.

But contrary to what I had imagined, my settled, 9-5 life isn't all work and no play. I'm having the time of my life. Here are all the things I hope to accomplish this year: Montana_Ranch_Portrait

1. Advance my career.

I'm really enjoying my new job. In November I set the company record for the most accounts signed in the first month – hopefully I can keep up that momentum! A promotion wouldn't hurt either…

2. Grow Ashley Abroad.

I always knew I loved to blog, but it wasn't until recently I knew how much. It takes true dedication to open your laptop after staring at a screen all day, but I love writing, photography and connecting with awesome people on the internet too much to let it go.

My blogging goals for 2014 are to blog twice a week and receive 100K page views a month. I think it's doable but I can kiss my Sundays goodbye.

3. Ski. A lot.

I won't lie- my skiing skills are rusty. And plus, I grew up skiing in Michigan- Colorado is a whole ‘nother ball game. So this year I want to become a more proficient all-mountain skier and master moguls and deep powder.

4. More music into my life.

This is shameful, but I've been to like four concerts in my entire life. (Hey, I was counting my pennies for travel as a teenager- shows were not my priority.)

In 2015 I want music to have a much, much bigger focus in my life. I plan on attending concerts in Denver regularly and hitting up Red Rocks this summer.

I also, and this is slightly embarrassing to admit this to the internets, have been harmonizing a lot recently with musician friends. In 2014 I want to become a better singer. Yep, I just wrote that.

5. Languages

Want to know something funny? I speak French better now than I did in Paris. Thanks to a Senegalese friend at work I speak a good hour of French every day, something that was hard to come by when I lived in France.

So in 2015 I want to keep up my Spanish and improve my French. I've also been toying with the idea with learning Italian or German because I'm debatably insane.

6. Save 15K by the end of 2015.

I already have 6K in the bank so a 9K savings goal actually is pretty reasonable. That being said I have a lot of pay for, namely furniture and new ski boots ($600).

I'm also thinking about putting my savings in a Roth IRA but need to go to Fidelity and have everything explained to me because I know nothing.

7. Get new mystery website up and running.

I can't wait to announce this but I have plans to launch a website very soon. It's going to a super helpful resource, database and forum- to be announced soon!

How I did in 2014:


In 2014 I want to make big strides in my career. Right now I’m weighing my options: diplomacy, marketing and hotel management are all on the table.

Check! In 2014 I dropped the digital nomad lifestyle and got a job at sovrn where my blogging background is super useful and I love my coworkers. Plus, I get to live in Colorado and ski a lot. Wins all around.


In 2014 I want to keep doing yoga and try out some new workouts like Crossfit, Art of Strength and running a 5K Color run!

Check! In 2014 I got in the shape of my life by doing a Yoga Teacher Training in India and trekking the Himalayas. I also managed to try Crossfit (not my thing) and run a 5K (not really my thing either). And I'd love to do a Color Run in 2015!


In 2014 I want to make time for one big spiritual trip: the Camino de Santiago, studying yoga at an ashram and Burning Man all come to mind.

Check! Studying yoga for a month in India was extremely spiritual- I learned a ton about myself as well as yoga, meditation and Hinduism. The experience was grueling but turned me into a much more positive person- I couldn't be happier I did it.

Friends and Family.

I’m so lucky to have such wonderful, supportive friends and family so in 2014 I want to make an effort to spend more time with them.

Check! I spent so much time with friends and family in 2014 and it was the best. I visited friends all over Europe, traveled with one of my best friends through India for six weeks and traveled with two friends in Southeast Asia. Once I returned to the states I spent four months with family and friends in Michigan and caught up with lots of my Chicago friends. I've made lots of friends in Colorado and my college best friend moved out west to live with me- I'm so fortunate to have such great people in my life.

Let's talk! So what are your goals for the new year? Comment below, I'd love some inspiration!

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Ashley Fleckenstein

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