Blogger Spotlight: Meet Nat & Robson from Love and Road

Hey guys! So for this month’s Blogger Spotlight we have Nat and Robson from Love and Road, a Brazilian expat couple who blog in both English and Portuguese- a task I can’t even imagine tackling. Nat and Robson love partying, Ireland and street art, so naturally I had lots of questions for them! Not to mention interviewing them seriously made me want to just get to Brazil already, a place I’ve been trying to visit for years.

Name(s): Natalie Deduck and Robson Cadore

Age(s): Nat 31 & Rob 34 years old

Occupation(s): Full-time travellers and bloggers, a former journalist and a former sales manager in a shipping company.

Hometown(s): Itajaí, Brazil

Residence: Southeast Asia for the next 5 months.


Sahara desert, Morocco

How long you’re been blogging: 4 months

Country count: 29

Favorite city: Barcelona (it wasn’t an easy decision, but we need to be near the sea and in a place with cool parties!)

Favorite museum: Le Centre Pompidou, Paris. Not only the expositions, the building itself is amazing. [Editor’s note- One of my favorites too!]

Favorite blog (s): That’s a big list :-) Rob follows The Professional Hobo and Hecktic Travels, I’m always reading post from Hippie in Heels, Just One Way Ticket and of course, yours. We follow you since we started planning our Love and Road Project back in 2013!

Favorite hostel: We don’t stay too much in hostels, we prefer to share houses and apartment with local people (cheaper and a more genuine experience).

Favorite hotel: I’m in love with Family Cave Hotel in Cappadocia. We just came from there and it was a great place to stay. Family-run, it’s a small hotel with beautifully decorated rooms. We even had a hammam in our bathroom. For budget travellers that was a spoil!

Favorite piece of street art:

Street art,lisbonOur pick is the one we spotted in Lisbon, near the Santa Apolónia Station.. This huge wall is amazing and we really liked how the artist played with the textures.

We are really into street art, we even have a gallery for it on our blog called Street Art from Around the World, have a look for some amazing work.

So you two are both from Brazil. What is it like for you blogging in a second language? I find that so impressive!

Fes, Morocco-001

It’s hard work! First I write all the posts in English and then I do a Portuguese version of them. I struggle a lot with vocabulary, grammar and expressions. I know our content doesn’t have a flawless English, but the idea is to tell our story to as many people as possible, and through English is the best way do it. Portuguese is spoken in just a few countries and we are always thinking big, that’s why we are blogging in two languages.

And it’s not only the blog posts that are we write in two languages, Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram too. It’s an everyday challenge and the worst is because of writing English and travelling to countries with complete different languages, my Portuguese is getting worse everyday. :-(

Nat, you call yourself a “worldwide party animal.” Where are your favorite places to party? Or does nowhere compare to Brazil?

Our Fast marriage__ in Kazantip Festival Ukraine (btw was our honeymoon)

I love Barcelona! We spent a few days there last summer and the parties were amazing. On our blog post 5 Tips to Enjoy Barcelona like a Local, we give some precious advice for those who want to party in a Catalan style. (Day & night ;-))

I’m a big fan of electronic music, what makes Berlin is one of my favorites cities for clubbing. Germany’s capital is one of the best places to have fun while listening to good beats. Brazil is on the top of my list too. Big clubs in front of the beach (like Ibiza superclubs), carnival and good music make my country a dream destination for any party animal.

Also one summer music festival per year is a must for me! This summer we danced our socks off at Sonus Festival, in Croatia.

I saw you guys were recently in Portugal. What was it like traveling Portugal as Brazilians? Any language barriers or cultural quirks you came across?

It was great fun! In Brazil we are all the time making jokes about Portuguese people, the accent they have and some super funny expressions. Turned out after two weeks travelling through the country I was already speaking quite alike to them.

Because Portuguese culture, language and food are similar to ours I thought it would not be so interesting to travel around the country. Our plan was to stay one week just to visit a friend. But once we were there we had so much fun that we postponed our plans. One week trip became 20 days and eight travel articles. We first explored Lisbon and then head to the north of the country for a train trip and wine tasting in Porto.

How did you two end up living in Dublin for two years? What did you think of Ireland? I’m a huge fan!

Ireland is my second home! Rob hates the weather, but he agrees with me when I say that we had two amazing years living there. Dublin was our first experience abroad, there we learnt how travel makes you a better and stronger person. It was there that our travel addiction started.

We decided to move to Ireland in 2006 after a weekend trip to Argentina. Me and Rob were together just for a couple of months but we realized that travel would be a great tool to keep us happy and together. We wanted an English-speaking country to study and live, USA was out of our plans, Australia and New Zealand too far, England would bankrupt us, so Ireland sounded like a possible option.

When we arrived there I couldn’t be more happy and sure about the choice we made. Beautiful country, amazing people, great Guinness and tons of fun. If they have sunshine everyday it would be paradise!


You two have only been blogging for a short time but have already built up a considerable following. Any tips and tricks for us?

Capadocia, Turkey

Love and Road is online since July and from the beginning we look to it as a serious business, trying to take it to professional level and be proud of the work we are doing. I love Facebook, and I’m using it for more than 7 years, so when we launched our Love and Road profile I was posting stuff 3-4 times a day, asking friends to like the page and share it. In two months we reached 1K followers in an organic way. (Rob was notified by Facebook to slow down, he was messaging all his friends everyday, spammer!)

Twitter is our second biggest social network and it brings good traffic to our blog. We post everything related to travel, nice articles from other bloggers, pics, curiosities… The followers are coming, not as fast I would like, but in consistent way. Twitter really surprised me, I started our Instagram account one month before the Twitter and the percentage of growth is not so high, even putting lots of effort in great and interesting pictures.

My new challenge is Pinterest. We have a couple of boards out there but I still can not make the magic happen. I definitely have to learn more about social media apps and online tools. Everyday I spend about 2/3 hours managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. That’s lots of work!

Robson, Nat describes you as a great cook. What are your favorite things to make?

[Rob] I really enjoy preparing a tuna teriyaki and an Asian noodle soup recipe. Both dishes are not complicated at all and they are absolutely delicious. Actually I enjoy being in the kitchen all the time, but always need a glass of wine or a really cold beer beside me.

If you want the recipe just email us, it will be my pleasure share some tricks that will make you look like a master chef while preparing a simple but good food!

What do you think the rest of the world could learn could learn from Brazil?

There are a couple of things that make me proud of being Brazilian:

– We are really creative and talented people. Handicrafts, music, dance, painting and design, we can do them all with an impressive quality and beauty. Our cultural mix made us a colorful country, full of differences and brilliant people.

– Brazilians are happy by nature, we celebrate everything (good and bad). We never give up and we believe that the sun, the beach and God will help us through all the problems. Not sure if you heard but it’s said that God is Brazilian. :-) (Argentineans hate this quote.)

Can you tell us more about the tiny Brazilian town Jaguaruna you guys blogged about? It looks so beautiful!

Here is Rob again! Jaguaruna is far from all the main attractions, however for me is a special and unique place. It reminds my childhood, my summer surf holidays, sandboarding on the dunes, homemade food and lots of fun.

Love and road BIOThe beach is located in the south of Brazil (Florianópolis is the biggest and most known city around), has amazing waves for surf and a really laid back atmosphere. During winter time most of the houses are closed and the city belongs only to the fishermen, seagulls and surfers. It’s the best spot in Brazil for Town-in surfing!!!

Pretty far from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Jaguaruna is a great example what our country is far from the spotlight.

Just for fun- do you have Irish accents when you speak English? If so I’m super jealous.

Not anymore, and that makes us sad!

The best moment was in 2009 when we went for winter holidays in the French Alps. Skiing wasn’t an option for me so I went to the information center to find out what kind of activities were happening in the mountains. The girl from the desk looked at me and asked, “You sound Irish, but you don’t look Irish. Where are you from?” At that moment I felt proud of myself. A year and a half in Ireland and I got the leprechaun accent! Super!!!!


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