Saturday Snapshot 3

So I have some big (and good) news! One – I received my au pair visa in record time and ended up buying my ticket to France yesterday. I will be leaving in 10 days and I am beyond excited.

Secondly, and please excuse the exclamation points – my dad surprised me with an early Christmas present, a Canon EOS Rebel T2i and telephoto lens! I’m such a lucky girl these days! The camera has almost twice the pixels of my old camera and is SO much faster. Not to mention the telephoto lens is so much fun to play with.

So back to the photos – these are the first shots I took with my new camera. The fall is so stunningly colorful around here so I just had to take some pictures.

I liked several that I took so please tell me, which is your favorite?

Photo 1
I was taking a walk at Cranbrook and noticed all the beautiful leaves covering the forest floor. It’s funny how cameras can make you take in the details.


Photo 2


I then looked up and loved how the dark boughs of the tree contrasted with the golden leaves. Ah, fall.


Photo 3

Finally, these are two art students I spotted walking about a half-mile away. This new lens can do some serious creeping, right? It kind of makes me feel like a superspy. Or maybe a stalker, but superspy sounds way cooler.


So, which photo is your favorite? I would love to hear your comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot 3”

  1. Wow, that’s quite a gift! The T2i is one of the great deals in cameras these days. I’m an amateur film maker and it’s also excellent for video. Give it a shot!

    Also, check into getting a polarizing filter. They are super cheap and make for some really incredible shots.

    Oh yeah, it may be a little late but I noticed on Twitter you were trying to find flights. For future reference, Google is actually really good at it ( – even better than FareCompare, Kayak, or Bing).

    It helps you pick the cheapest days to travel even on international flights. At first it doesn’t look great but once you click on the little bar graph icon (“Lowest fares”) it will give you a great understanding of fares and dates.

    Good luck on your adventure. I met my wife because she was an au pair from England living in the States!

    • Thanks for the tips, Jack! I’m already looking to order a polarizing filter on Amazon. I will check Google as well, I actually just bought my flight with Hotwire but I should be needing more flights coming up. And maybe I will meet my future husband as an au pair too, haha.

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