Street Art from Around the World

I love street art and like to snap pictures of it wherever I go. Here is some of the best I’ve seen all over the world; from European cities like Barcelona, Paris and Brussels to South American cities like Santiago and Valparaiso. There is also some art from less visited places like Portugal, Uruguay and Mallorca and even my hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Here is my favorite street art from around the world.

Hint – scroll over the photos to see which city they are from.

Barcelona Street Art

Street Art Brussels

Street Art Brussels

Brussels Street Art

Street Art Santiago

Street Art Santiago

Street Art Paris

Street Art Mallorca

Street Art Valparaiso

Street Art Valparaiso

Valparaiso Street Art Tree

Street Art Brussels

Street Art Valparaiso

Street Art Valparaiso

Street Art Colonia, Uruguay

Street Art Girona, Spain

Street Art Porto, Portugal

Street Art Detroit

Street Art Santiago

Street Art Santiago


Where have you seen the coolest street art?

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17 thoughts on “Street Art from Around the World”

    • Thank you! Sidewalk chalk art is cool as well, it just doesn’t last as long obviously. And I’ll have to check out Toronto soon, it’s been a while!

    • Thank you, Julika! I’m looking to go to Berlin the next few months to take more street art photos, I’ve heard it’s amazing there.

  1. Wow – I’m always amazed at the talent held by street artists. Can you imagine painting such realistic images on such a large surface? I wouldn’t know where to start. Have you ever been to San Francisco? There are entire alleys (houses included) dedicated to the craft!

    • I know, it amazes me that street artists have such dedication to work so hard on something that could easily be ruined… but I’m thankful that they take the risk! And SF is by far my favorite city in the world.

  2. This is fantastic. I’m obsessed with street art. Lots of cool street art here in NYC, but always great to see how it compares with street art elsewhere. Love the shots from Valparaiso. ;)

    • Thank you, Koren! Valparaiso is crazy, there’s so much street art that it’s literally around every corner.

  3. While you’re in Paris, you gotta go to the Republique district and see if this great graf wall is still there. It’s easy to locate, I’ll just need to research and tell you where to find it. I have a picture of it on my FB travel page. It is phenomenal though.
    Hey, excellent pics here, by the way.

  4. I love this! (Esp the fish one) It’s always fun to see some street art (not just tags) and I think it’s really interesting when you can see similarities in the styles within regions. I think my favorite street art was a troll that I saw under a bridge in Tokyo. It wasn’t intricate or anything- just kind of in an unexpected place, yet it was so fitting :)

  5. Porto is a very natural artistic city with the beauty of vanguard and modern city with art and history.
    I saw this topic (wich included Porto from Portugal)and couldn’t leave whithout showing you some very popular graffiti in lisbon, Lisbon is a very proactive city, defntly the most alive during all 24h of the day but also a agited life and stressfull, it’s like the NYC of Portugal, but behind that life it’s also a very traditional city, with a melancholic life, so this art was a very cool twist, hope you like it ;)

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