Saturday Snapshot 1

Please meet the first post of my Saturday Snapshot series! I wanted to post a photo each week of the coolest or most inspiring thing I had seen all week. As I am currently living in Michigan my life is not that interesting, but bear with me – I just got news from France that the ministry of labor approved my au pair papers! I should be in Paris in less than three weeks.

Here is an embarrassing confession; I grew up in the Detroit area and I have never been to the beloved farmers market, known as the Eastern Market. Today was my first trip and I loved it! The Michigan fall produce was beautiful, from the wax beans to the baby eggplants, and the vendors were fun to chat with. Eastern Market Detroit Street Art

This is a photo of the street art vegetable cow I found at the market. I loved picking her apart – the cucumber mouth, bok choy legs and cherry tomato eyes. There will be a post about the market soon!

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Ashley is a travel and lifestyle blogger who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since college she has au paired in Paris, backpacked the world solo, and lived in Uganda. Her work has been featured by Buzzfeed, Forbes, TripAdvisor, and Glamour Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot 1”

  1. hey Ashley, just now from Dave’s Blog “gobackpacking” I came to your page and I am glad to know that You have been mixed in french culture and I am also keen to get some sense of french culture in order to cope myself among my Friends. thanks

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for stopping by! I do love French culture, especially the wine, bread and cheese, haha.

    • They’re so much fun and a great way to find something to eat as well as see the local culture. Whenever I’m in a new cities it’s usually one of the first things I do! How are the Norwegian markets?

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