Is It Smart to Travel Young?

“You should travel while you’re still young,” the well-meaning and wiser adults told me. “It’ll be a lot harder once you’ve started you career.” I heard (and still hear) those words countless times as a young person, and this blog stands as testament as to how much I took them to heart. The question I … Read more

Life as a Paris Expat

When Charles Dickens wrote the line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” he must have been living abroad. In fact, there’s a strong chance he was working in Paris as an au pair. Over the past year I’ve learned that expat life certainly has its ups and downs, which … Read more

An Au Pair’s Day Off in Paris

As an au pair, I work a relatively small amount of hours (30) but I work six days a week. So on Saturday, my only true day off, I try to squeeze as much goodness into it as possible. Like waking up to Indian food after a long night out at the pub… Sipping a … Read more

My Upcoming Travel Plans

Despite my extremely lofty travel expectations, I haven’t traveled nearly as much in Europe as I would have hoped- I’ve ventured off to only two destinations (Germany and Turkey) in four months! But my lack of travel is probably a good thing considering I’m saving up for so many future trips. And plus, with almost five more months in France, I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a few short-distance train vacations before the end of my stay here. My current goals are Brittany, the French Alps and Northern Ireland… so stay tuned!

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10 Ways that Travel Permanently Changed Me

Ashley Abroad

When I began this crazy ride of traveling as much as physically and financially possible at 15, I was impressionable, excited and more than a little clueless. Over the last seven years I have had my share of small tragedies on the road: a pick-pocketing incident when I was stranded with no cash for three weeks, … Read more

How to Meet the Parents in a Second Language (Without Crying)

How to meet the parents in a foreign langauge

Meeting my Chilean ex-boyfriend’s family was mildly terrifying. Not only was I more than 5,000 miles away from home in Santiago, Chile, I was also being interrogated by a room full of curious and wide-eyed Chileans. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable. So I wanted to write a guide on how to meet the parents … Read more

The Many Benefits of Solo Travel

At first, traveling alone wasn’t really my scene. I was staying in Amsterdam, my first stop on a three-month trip to Europe.

“Maybe I hate this city because of its inherent melancholy, flowing through the pipes of the old houses, lining the underbelly of the dark-watered canals,” I wrote in a very dramatic journal entry.

I basically wandered around the narrow streets in the drizzle, cold, jet-lagged and lonely. Sartre would have been proud.

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