While our first stop in Thailand was Phuket, my travel buddy and I were not enticed by the built-up and pricey peninsula. So 14 hours after arriving in Phuket we headed for nearby Krabi- and wow, am I so glad we left.

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The beautiful road to my hostel

The Ao Nang hostel we chose was among the best hostels of my life. From the speedy wifi to the open-air, banana-stocked common room it was the perfect place to throw myself into my work. And work I did: After a slow summer of blogging I had to play a lot of catch-up, as well as tackle a hefty workload with my French Category Expert job for Answers.com.

As of this month I am making enough money to support myself on my travels (as long as I travel somewhere inexpensive), and it makes me really proud to say that. But between 20 articles a month for Answers and 4 posts a week on Ashley Abroad, I don’t think I’ve ever typed this much.

Krabi is the perfect place to work- I’m now a serious fan of Krabi holidays. But a part of me feels guilty- why did I come all the way to Thailand to sit around and work 12-hour days on my laptop? I’m realizing more and more that the go-go-go pace of my younger years will be impossible to maintain on this trip. I’ll need to travel slower, stay places longer and will be at the mercy of fast wifi connections.

And while there are certainly some downsides to the digital nomad lifestyle, there are so many pluses. All I can do now is work hard and enjoy life in Thailand- there are worse things than rewarding a long day of work with a  $6 massage or a couple of Chang beers. I’ve got money and time and all of Asia to explore- so slow is the way I will go. 

Have you ever worked as a digital nomad? Do you have any tips for me going forward?

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