NYC is for Besties

New York City– the first stop on my four-month round-the-world adventure, and one of my favorite cities in the world. This year I ventured to the Big Apple with my best friend, Alyssa, also known affectionately as Lizard. (And it wasn’t our first trip- one year we both worked backstage at New York Fashion Week together!) The … Read more

Falling in Love with Southern California

After our fast-paced weekend in LA, we headed south to chilled out Chula Vista for a bit of sun and sand. Instead of staying with a friend, we found a place to stay with a Southern California native and lifeguard through Couchsurfing.

One of my favorite parts of Couchsurfing is that it gives you the chance to explore places you would never have seen otherwise. And it turns out bunking up with a lifeguard host means lots and lots of beach time! 

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Finding Love for Los Angeles

To be honest, Los Angeles isn’t my favorite city. The lack of history, the strip malls, the traffic- oh dear god, the traffic- combine themselves in a way I find to be overwhelming. But on this visit to the city of angels I had an absolutely amazing time due in no small part to the company: … Read more

Coming Back to the City Where You Used To Live

As a teenager growing up in suburban Michigan, I dreamed of escaping the endless strip malls and leafy green streets of Midwestern suburbia. So the moment I graduated from high school, I headed straight for the nearest metropolis- Chicago. And there I lived for four freezing-cold years of wild St. Patrick’s days and lazy Sunday morning … Read more